Your Girlfriend's Teeth Are Whiter Than Yours?

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You just started dating a girl you really like but then you noticed one thing that has been making you feel self-conscious: her white, healthy looking teeth. At first, you did not let it bother you until the two of you started to take pictures together. It became clear to you then: you do not like the way your teeth look next to hers. Your smile seems dull and boring while hers is vibrant, glowing with naturally looking white teeth.

Rather than feeling down about it, you can change your smile for the better and get your confidence back. There are too many options these days to whiten teeth from the comfort of your own home and do not put a dent in your budget. In just no time, you'll be smiling big next to your date feeling confident again and looking forward to a brighter future-together.

Both men and women want a sparkling white smile. However, only a small percentage of society maintains a whitening statute for their teeth. The reason that many people do not whiten their teeth is because of the misinformation about teeth whitening. Many people believe that teeth whitening chemicals damage or corrode a person's teeth but clinical trials have proved this to be incorrect. At home teeth whitening does not cause adverse effects if done carefully and properly.

So how did your teeth get their yellowish shade? Your teeth enamel may be the result of:

  • Eating habits – consistently pigmented foods such as blackberries or blueberries will stain the teeth;
  • Drinking habits – consistently pigmented drinks such as colas, black tea, coffee, or red wine also stain the teeth;
  • Smoking habits – nicotine causes yellow staining;
  • Drugs and chemicals – some will discolor the teeth and if tetracycline is given during childhood, it will embed stains as the teeth develop. This type of staining is deep and harder to remove.
  • Genetic factors – we each have an inborn tooth enamel shade

Regular brushing and flossing will remove wonderful stains but an at whitening system will remove stains that in any other case only professionals could. Sometimes it's not our fault, our teeth typically yellow and darken as we age. However, with such advances in teeth whitening industry, our teeth do not have to give away our age so quickly anymore.

A custom fitted home whitening system is designed to fit your upper and lower arches exactly. A snug fit is essential to prevent whitening gel from leaking out and to prevent saliva from diluting it. The kits usually contain a shade strip where you can mark your before and after colors. There are several syringes of whitening gel and a little user manual as well as your custom trays.

Source by Linda Berian