You Can Stop Drinking For Good

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One of the largest curses on our society today is alcohol. While to some, it is simply a social pleasure, unfortunately, to many others it is a daily crutch that they can not do without.

The health issues associated with alcohol and alcoholism are well known – every part of your body sufferers very much when there is alcohol abuse. Your body was not programmed to absorb large quantities of alcohol, especially long term. For anyone who has experienced a hangover, they know firsthand on the body reacts to the poison it is given.

Unfortunately, alcoholism is certainly not consciously chosen by the alcoholic and to date, modern science has not been able to come up with a miracle cure such as a pill or perhaps a shot, which means that hundreds of thousands of people live a miserable existence surrounded by alcohol and all it brings with it.

Entire families have been destroyed, jobs have been loss and friends have been abandoned, all in the name of the mighty bottle and in pursuit of that elusive feeling of well being and despite the origin of alcoholism seems to still be in dispute, there is a general agreement that alcoholism is a legitimate social and moral issue that more and more people are trying to understand and address.

Is it really possible to stop drinking for good? Yes it is! But you need help – you can not do it by yourself. Fortunately, the Internet offers some help. If you feel incapable of physically reaching out to another person for help, then you should consider reading up on how to stop drinking. While reading a book might seem "simplistic", the written word is a powerful tool when it comes to self-help and you can read in the privacy of your own home without having to explain your situation to anyone. It is totally anonymous.

If you choose to buy a book about alcohol and addiction, there are certain criteria that you should follow. Make sure that the book is written for the average layperson. You do not want to get bogged down in too much scientific information – this is not going to help you stop drinking. The book you choose should offer a complete package – that is a complete view of alcohol and its misuses and abuses.

The book should also talk about alcoholic symptoms and how to detect them, there also should also be a section detailing the various options available when it comes to supporting the alcoholic, which could include counseling sessions or 12 step programs. A look at the 12 step program is also a must for any book on alcohol addiction.

So, if you think or know that alcohol is ruining your life, what have you got to loose in picking up a book? You might just stop drinking for good!

Source by Brandon K. Lorenz