Wouldn’t It Be Better If Elected Officials Tried To UNIFY?

Margarita FolkPosted by

In nearly every situation, an elected official must decide and determine, whether he will prioritize unifying his constituents, for the common good, or, rather, adopting an adversarial philosophy, pitting one group, against another! When nations proceed in a united way, striving to agree, to disagree, and seek common ground (and compromise), invariably, they become stronger, and more capable. Unfortunately, in today’s world, many factors are contributing, to dividing, rather than unifying! We are all saddened, and revolted by the many terrorist actions, and, if the majority (which is most of the good people), proceed, in a united way, these terrorists would never win! Unfortunately, in nations, such as the United States, several elected and political officials, faced by these polarizing times, resort to negative, inflammatory, vitriol, rhetoric, and empty promises, and, it appears, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, has behaved in a manner, where he is either actually, or perceived as the hater – in – chief, constantly focusing his rhetoric, and his Tweets, in a polarizing way! Common sense should tell us, it would be better if elected officials sought to UNIFY!

1. Unite; urge; uplifting: Wouldn’t we all feel better, more secure and confident, if our leaders, tried to unite us, for the best, of the nation, and its citizens? Rather than going – negative, wouldn’t it better, if they would urge us, to move forward, for the common good. Ask yourself, when was the last time, Trump’s Tweets were uplifting, rather than polarizing and negative?

2. Needs: Do you belief its better to simply, blame and complain, as Mr. Trump, famously does, on a regular basis? Or, would we best served, when elected officials, focused, in a positive, can – do way, seeking solutions, based on addressing needs, concerns, priorities, and perceptions?

3. Ideology; integrity; implement; introduce; ideas; imagination: When one reduces freedoms, supposedly, for safety or other reasons, isn’t that an ideology based on hypocrisy, rather than the freedom, our nation must stand for? Shouldn’t we demand, we be treated properly, based on absolute integrity? Never assume, merely blaming and complaining, is the same as solving and implementing something better! Demand leaders introduce solutions, based on quality ideas, and a well – considered, relevant, sustainable imagination!

4. Fairness; freedom: Whether you agree or disagree, politically, an elected official must constantly proceed, based on fairness! In America, what makes us different, is our adherence to the concepts, freedom are based upon!

5. Yes; you: National leaders must be ready, willing and able, to say, yes, to progress and improvement, rather than focusing on the negatives, or reasons, why you cannot! They must take personal responsibility, and you must demand they serve the best interests of the nation they serve, and citizens, they represent!

We need, and deserve, better political and national leadership! It would be a better world, if our elected officials sought, to UNIFY.

Source by Richard Brody