Wisdom Teeth – What to Expect

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Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to grow in the human life cycle. They are called the third set of molars. When the wisdom teeth begin to grow, they cause discomfort and are often painful. However, if they turn out to be extremely painful, then they have to be removed while they are still growing. Otherwise, they are usually left in their places to grow.

The most common problem faced with the growth of wisdom teeth is that when the tooth begins to grow, it is blocked by other teeth causing pain and discomfort to the person. This usually happens when there is insufficient space in the jaw for the teeth to emerge. In such a case, only a professional dental surgeon or dentist can offer the right advice.

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The dentist would normally suggest taking X-rays so that they know the exact position of the tooth and how bad it is. There are actually several options when it comes to dealing with a wisdom tooth. The most common option is to opt for a surgery under local or general anesthesia. This procedure involves removal of the tooth. If the roots are tangled and deep, then the removal process can become complicated and painful. After the procedure, the surgeon usually prescribes painkillers for a few days. Also, one has to care for the gums and the surgery site for a few days to ensure that no infection sets in. Even regular brushing has to be done with care.

The surgery for the removal of wisdom teeth can take a few hours. Also, since the wisdom tooth removal concerns anesthesia, it is better to have a family member or friend to care for you in the initial hours after the surgery.

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