Why Do I Still Get Acne Pimples?

Margarita FolkPosted by

Not everyone has severe outbreaks of acne, but most people of all ages get a pimple now and then or have outbreaks every so often. So why do you still get pimples when you wash your face, you're clean and you can do to prevent them?

Since we all have skin pores, there is a possibility that they will get clogged. This is what causes the blemishes your so badly want to get rid of. Sebum, which is manufactured by your body on your skin, gets trapped in a pore with oil and dead skin cells. This causes bacteria to grow and voila, you have yourself a pimple.

And these pesky bumps pop up all over face and body because of a lot of reasons. Some will say food has nothing to do with causing acne, but we've found that eating a well rounded diet really helps in many ways. Foods high in refined sugars and empty calories by way of fried foods and snacks do not build that body in order to fight the bacteria which is causing your pimples.

Stress can also cause breakouts. Again, many professionals will say that it can not be proved that nervousness causes acne. But experience has shown that those who are dealing with serious issues do not eat as well and do not get enough sleep. Therefore, your body reacts and flare-ups occur.

Let me make you feel better. Blemishes are not caused by dirty pores or unwashed skin. More than likely your skin is producing too much oil and clogging your hair follicles. So do not get upset and think you are creating this condition. Just follow a plan: wash hands and face regularly, use a gentle yet effective acne cleanser and medication, watch your diet and chill out. Life goes on. If you get that attitude, sometimes your days of this skin condition will come to an end.

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