Who Do You Believe When It Comes To Weight Loss

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The unfortunate reality this day and age is that most people have vested financial interest in creating articles for the general public to read. Just follow the money and your answer will reveal itself.

Even I am not immune. The sole reason for me writing this article is to get you to visit my website. Plain and simple. However, the difference comes in the quality of the information that you receive from each individual article that you read. Once you understand that there is a financial interest in every word to read, you start to take certain claims and "studies" with a grain
of salt.

A great example is all of the articles and "research" that say how well a certain weight loss pill works. You read these articles and get to the bottom and there just happens to be a link for a weight loss pill website.

Do you think that the article is going to have some biased information?


People do not make money by telling the whole truth. I really love it when they place in small
print, "When used in conjuction with reduced calorie diet and exercise".

But, the worst thing about this remains that the people giving the "recommendations" for a
particular diet plan or weight loss product have no idea what they are talking about. They
do limited research and because they stay "online", these people are generally immune to
any potential lash backs because of misinformation.

Also, be extremely wary of articles and or recommendations that seem a little too one
sided. If a product does not have any side effects or a plan does not have any bad points to
it, I'd be a little cautious. I'd vent that the pluses are not as "plus" as they'd like you to think.

The propagation of misinformation is prevalent in today's online society as "get rich quick"
husksters promise big money to uneducated people who in turn, promise big results and
guarantees from the huskster's products.

Do not fall for it …

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