Whitening Teeth For Cheap – 5 Tips For Cheap Teeth Whitening at Home

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With so many teeth whitening products available, everyone is looking for methods for whitening teeth that are cheap.

So without wasting tons of money on systems and kits that you aren’t sure about, this article will show you some simple ways you can get free or cheap teeth whitening.

o First of all, you want to remove external stains from your teeth. Stains build up over time and hide the natural color or your pearly whites. Invest in a whitening toothpaste or brush with baking soda every night. This abrasive substance actually scrubs off external stains.

o If you’re into natural remedies, another idea is to eat more fruits and vegetables, or even chew sugarless gum. This helps your mouth produce saliva and more saliva naturally cleanses your teeth making it less likely for stains to build up.

o Avoid foods and drinks that stain your teeth. This includes dark sodas, tea, coffee, and any foods with dyes in them. If you must have coffee every day (like me), then sip it through a coffee straw. This makes it less likely to contact your teeth and cause staining over time.

o If you’re a smoker, whitening your teeth is like trying to loose weight while on a McDonald’s diet…it’s just impossible. If you refuse to stop smoking, then teeth bleaching is probably not for you.

o Finally the best whitening teeth cheap advice I can give you is to brush at least twice a day (3 times preferably) and floss. Natural teeth maintenance is the best whitening teeth cheap method. This keeps your teeth healthy and healthy teeth look good.

Teeth whitening is a good step to make you feel better about yourself and give yourself a beautiful priceless smile.

These tips on whitening teeth cheap are great for starters, but if you’re serious about really getting those teeth spotless, then I’d recommend looking into some home whitening alternatives as well.

Source by Dusty Thornton