What to Look For in the Best Men's Skin Care

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The best men's skin care is not drastically different from the care women give their skin, but a man usually faces some skin challenges that women do not.

The most obvious are neglect and carelessness – most men make their skin put up with a lot of abuse before they start taking care of it. A man often has rough, inflated skin, and any product for men must work harder to overcome this.

Here are some ingredients to look for in the best men's skin care creams.

– Capuacu butter helps to soothe inflamed skin. Taken from the South American Capuacu tree, it was used for centuries by native tribes to protect against the sun and help heal burns. Capuacu butter is a superb skin moisturizer and makes your skin feel softer and look younger. It is naturally rich in skin nutrients such as essential fatty acids, especially stearic and oleic acid.

– D-Panthenol, which is Vitamin B5, helps repair damaged skin tissue and acts as a natural moisturizer. It also protects the skin against sunburn, helps give you relief if you've already gotten sunburned (even though you know better than to get burned, right, guys?), And enhances the natural tanning process.

– Witch hazel is another centuries-old natural ingredient known for its ability to reduce skin inflammation and redness, something to which men are particularly prone. Witch hazel is the traditional astringent used to quickly stop bleeding from shaving cuts and abrasions for men. It is a natural antioxidant. It effectively treats many skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, cracked or blistered skin, and also helps to soothe sunburn.

Those ingredients are particularly helpful to a man's skin.

In addition, an excellent skin care product must be packed with antioxidants to reverse the oxidation damage that so commonly ages a man's face. It must also help to rebuild the loss of collagen and elastin that result in lines and wrinkles.

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