What To Eat When You Want To Lose Weight

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Losing weight is more than just increasing your physical activity and exercising, it also means eating the right type of food. Here are a few of the food items you must put on the menu when planning to lose weight:

  • Lean beef, poultry, other meats, beans, and fish – These food items revolve around one main nutrient: Protein. This nutrient is a necessity for building muscle mass as well as the repair of body tissues, and to add to its benefits, eating protein-rich food helps to make you feel full and prevent cravings from coming later.
  • Water – Water is the best diet drink at your disposal. Not only is it free of calories, it also cleanses the body and helps maintain the body's fluid balance. Drinking water before a meal will lessen the amount of food you can eat, thus helping you lose weight.
  • Milk, yoghurt, cheese and other dairy products – Dairy products are not only good sources of protein; they also contain Calcium which is essential for the normal growth of bones, healing of wounds, and as an added bonus, helps to discourage food cravings.
  • Vegetables – Vegetables have lots of nutritional benefits despite containing little calories. Vegetables contain a lot of needed vitamins and minerals, and the fibre they contain not only gives your digestive system a boost, it also has an effect of making you feel full, preventing you from eating more than you should.
  • Fruits – Fruits need little preparation before eating , making them a prime food item for snacks and desserts. Fruits hold a lot of necessary vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fibre. While overeating fruits rarely happens, it might cause you to eat more sugar than you need, since fruits contain sugars.
  • Nuts – Not only are nuts a prime snack, nuts also provide protein, essential oils and polyunsaturated fats that are good for the heart and brain. However, like fruits, they must be eaten in moderation if you want to maintain weight loss
  • Eggs – Eggs have an undeserved reputation of causing heart attacks. This is not true, and in fact eggs actually help convert the bad cholesterol in the body to good cholesterol, and egg yolk contains special antioxidants good for the eyes. It also gives a feeling of fullness when eaten, discouraging you from eating more afterwards.
  • Honey and whole grains – Both honey and whole grains are good sources of Carbohydrates, since they release their sugars slowly when digested, cutting off the need for the body to eat more to replenish the body's energy reserves. Whole Grains are rich in fiber and vitamins and include cereals like wheat, barley and oats.
  • Broth Soups – It has been proven that sipping on some soup before eating can help you eat less afterwards. It does not matter how it's prepared, as long as it's broth-based and is kept below 150 Calories per serving.

Your weight loss program menu does not have to be bland and filled with fitness bars, drinks and medications. Why go for such when you have a variety of foods that you can eat that provide lots of nutritional benefits? However, it is important to remember that the key is moderation. Too much of a good thing is bad, and the same applies for food. Have fun eating your way through health!

Source by Taryne McPherson