What the Most Effective Age Spot Remover Contains

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An age spot remover might do more harm than good if it contains hydroquinone or glycolic acid. Some of the most expensive serums on the market contain both of those. Yet, dermatologists do not recommend glycolic acid for a similar condition called melasma, because it can increase pigmentation. Hydroquinone can increase pigmentation, too. Plus, it is probably a carcinogen. Its use has been banned in a number of countries, but it is still available in the US and over the Internet.

There is no reason to take that kind of risk. There are safer ingredients that are far more effective. The cause of these heavily pigmented areas is not really the aging process, but damage done to melanin producing cells by overexposure to the sun. That damage can be repaired.

Unlike some of the cells of the body, the skin's cells are replaced on a monthly basis. It takes a little longer when we get older for these cells to be replaced and if the damage to the melanin producing cells is not repaired then the spots will not fade.

An age spot remover containing coenzyme Q10 can repair all types of sun damage. Studies have shown significant results after six weeks of use. Another ingredient may speed that up a little bit.

One of the major components of the skin is a protein called keratin. It has several functions. One is to pull water into the cells. When the skin's cells are moist, they look younger.

The idea of ​​adding keratin to a moisturizer is not new, but it has been difficult for manufacturers to make the protein soluble, without damaging its structure and rendering it dysfunctional. One company has learned how to do that.

Clinical studies indicate that an age spot remover should include the active form of the protein keratin, because it stimulates the production of new skin cells. Researchers saw as much as a 160% increase in skin cell proliferation after only three days of use. There is one more ingredient that will insure that those cells are lighter in color.

A German manufacturer has developed an ingredient called Extra-pone Motha. It is an extract from a common plant that goes by a variety of names around the world. The botanical name is cyperus rotundus.

The cyperus rotundus root has been used for many years as an anti-irritant. It makes a good ingredient for an age spot remover, because it inhibits melanin production.

If you use a product that contains all of these ingredients and you protect the area from sunlight, either by wearing protective clothing or a zinc oxide sun block, you should start seeing a significant difference in just a few weeks. Other sunscreens are not as effective as zinc oxide. There are some brands of makeup that contain it, but the disappearing sunscreens do not really work.

Avoid the use of cosmetics that contain petroleum-based alcohols, because they contribute to melanin production. Once your age spot remover works, use a moisturizer on a regular basis that contains natural vitamin E. That way, the spots will not come back.

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