What is the Weight Loss 4 Idiots Ebook? Learn to Lose Weight Fast

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In this article we are going to take another look at the weight loss for idiots ebook. The simple truth is that with so many dieting options on the proverbial table (no pun intended .. 🙂 it's often HARD to keep track of which programs are which! So considering the vast popularity this particular program has created in rapid fire turn around time, let's take a look at what it is, what it teachers, and how it works! Read on .. 🙂

The Weight Loss 4 Idiots Diet in a Paragraph.

Very simply, the diet is actually officially called "fat loss 4 idiots", and it's a revolutionary approach to cyclical weight loss. It preaches 11 day weight loss cycles using a concept called calorie shifting, and the dieter is free to repeat the cycles independently around his or her weight loss goals.

Ok … but what is calorie shifting?

Good question! It is the process of keeping your metabolic furnace burning at optimum levels through the day, by DIVERSIFYING your diet in interesting ways. For example, while you are ON the fat loss 4 idiots diet, you are NOT to repeat the same foods, in one day, even once per cycle. That means that each day you are required to eat a DIFFERENT food with each meal.

How Much Weight Can I lose?

The fat loss 4 idiots program promotes 9 pounds EVERY 11 days you follow the diet. Sound a bit ambitious? I thought so too and did not lose QUITE that much weight my first time around. But LOTS of other folks have, and the surveys show this has consistently been one of the highest rated diet programs on the internet – bar none .. 🙂

(plus they offer ANYONE who is unhappy with the diet a complete refund!)

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