What Fly Fishing Is

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Fly fishing is catching fish with style. It is done in both salt and fresh waters. This type of fishing is not like traditional fishing that uses live baits like worms or insects. This type of game sport is done with lures designed to imitate insects or crustaceans and other small creatures that would seem appetizing for the fish. The lures come in different colors shapes and sizes either made to float, sink, spin or combinations.

There are lures or flies that are sold in the market but some fishermen, including me, prefer making our own lures. For us, the fun begins not at our favorite game spot, but at the time we conceive an idea on how we want to make lures look like. The fly itself is usually made up of a trailer, skirt and the blade. I would not recommend using a trailer that would be too big for the skirt.

Using a trailer in clear water would give out more shine from the lure and that would lessen the illusion of real live bait. The skirt is made up of threads wound up around the blade to pose as the body and the wings, if there are, of the lure. It would be best to imitate natural colors to be more realistic in clear waters but in muddy waters, I tend to use brighter and much more vibrant colors. I also use a trailer a tad larger in muddy waters. The blade is, well, the hook. In making lures, some fishermen prefer a specific type of hook over the other. I tend to experiment using two or more types of blades in my lures.

There are a lot of types of flies; Some intended to float; Some to sink; Some to spin under water; Some to spin on the surface called a buzzer. And even more on styles on making these lures in fly fishing books.

Another important tool is the rod. It is not like the regular rods. The rods are usually longer, stronger and lighter. Fly rods for salt water are usually 14 feet in length and ten feet for fresh water. This is because of the technique needed to preserve the illusion that we are using live bait.

To preserve this illusion, a technique called bait casting is done. Casting for regular fishing is different from this type. In fly fishing, the fisherman needs to cast the lure and make it touch the surface of the water like an insect would. The fly is called an imitator, so it should imitate nature.

Another tool that would serve the fly fisher very nicely is the reel. Traditional fishing reels tend to break under the wear and tear of fly fishing. There are many reels to choose from in the market. These are bait casting reels, so called because they serve best the purpose of bait casting and reeling in.

There are many casting styles in fly fishing and it would only be perfected by practice. These casting techniques could be learned from fly fishing books. This is a really a beautiful sport that requires patience, grace and a lot of imagination for making the lures a lot you can learn from fly fishing books among others. Remember: the best equipment only perform as good as the one who wields them. So learn more techniques and practice and see you on the water.

Source by Juan Skyzinski