What Are the Best Natural Skincare Products – The Answers May Surprise You

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Today more than ever, there seems to be a backlash against synthetic products that are produced with chemicals and preservatives.

The trend seems to be shifting more towards using all natural skincare products which is a trend I hope continues.

Unfortunately more and more unscrupulous practices are being done such as "fudging" the facts to sell products.

For instance these skincare companies tout the "natural" or organic "label without specifying exactly what that means.

They do not care as long as those buzzwords move product, now I'm not saying science is a bad thing.

Science can work in tandem with nature to create some incredible products as long as you do not have products that can be potentially harmful.

There are certain substances that you need to stay away from such as parabens and fragrances. The sad fact is many of the skincare products nowdays contain parabens and fragrances.

The skincare manufacturers put these in to mask the ineffectiveness of their products with nice smells. Remember that anything that you put on your skin is quite literally "ateen" by your body. Meaning that what you put on can pass through and into the bloodstream and tissues.

Now to be effective, science helps, by assisting the natural process by giving higher potency and the ability for products to be easily absorbed by the skin.

For example there is a natural substance found off the coast of Japan called phytessence wakame. This is a from a special type of sea kelp which, the Japanese eat with their meals, as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Now, thanks to the wonders of science they can get a higher potency and apply the incredible healing properties of phytessence wakame to skincare products.

The amazing properties and benefits achieved from clinical studies conducted by human volunteers have been outstanding, we are talking an increased smoothness and suppleness and more.

I believe so consistently in natural solutions and unfortunately many of the supposedly best natural skincare products will never make primetime since these companies reinvest their profits back into continued research and development.

For instance there is another natural substance from the wool of sheep in New Zealand that has increased skin moisture by as much as 160% in less than 20days!

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Remember that getting old is not a choice but having older looking skin is, do something for yourself today because these natural substances are finally made available here in the US and Canada.

Source by Jillian K. Johnson