What Are The Appendicitis Treatment Options Available To You?

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Regarded as a surgical illness, appendix mostly necessitates surgery as its treatment requiring to its serious nature. Appendicitis can be acute or chronic depending on the severity of the disease and its pace of growth. While acute appendicitis is more prone to development of complications and a faster rate of development, the chronic variant evolves at a slower pace and is less serious in nature. Out of all options available medically, surgery is considered to be the safest method of treatment for appendicitis.

Bacterial infection and a consequent hindrance of the vermiform appendix, which is a tubular extension of the large intestine or the colon, is the reason behind appendicitis. Obstructed by calculus or feces the appendix bloats up. But the enlargement of the lymph nodes also adds to the improper functioning of the appendix at times. The lymph nodes create a blockage of the appendix as they press against the appendix walls. This occurs when the nodes themselves enlarge due to bacterial infection, a phenomenon not unusual in appendicitis. This blockage interrupts blood circulation and extremely becomes fatal for the appendix. Serious complications like gangrene, sepsis and perforation of the appendix may occur due to the bacterial infection and swelling of the appendix. Surgical expulsion of the infected appendix from the body is the best treatment possible once a damaged appendix has been detected. The appendix plays no pivotal part in the human body and the vital function of the body remains unperturbed in spite of its removal.

The process of appendectomy is employed as the surgical treatment of appendicitis. Appendectomy is an uncomplicated operation when it comes to cases of the normal, simpler forms of appendicitis. The physical response generated by most patients under operation is good and complete recovery is certain in a span of few weeks from surgery. But the likelihood of recuperation is lessened in case the treatment of the appendicitis is not undertaken on time.

Approximately six to seven percent of the population of the United States and Europe are afflicted annually by appendicitis. But there has been a substantial decrease in the number of people diagnosed with appendicitis in the recent years as per data. Improper diet is one of the primary causes of growth of appendicitis. Opting for a fibrous diet and maintaining an overall healthy standard of living can actually avert the illness. Anybody, belonging to any age may be affected be appendicitis. But children and teenagers between the age bracket of three and fifteen years and adults over fifty years of age are the most common victims of acute appendicitis.

Appendectomy is still given the first preference when it comes to the cure of acute appendicitis, in spite of current technological breakthrough and the availability of varied forms of medicine. Doctors may opt to suggest antibiotics treatment in cases of the common, simpler form of appendicitis. But surgery is still considered to be the safest option due to the fact that there is no guaranteed method of unblocking the appendix without internal harm that can be amended with the help of antibiotic and other similar medicines. Appendectomy is the most reliable method of treatment of appendicitis currently available in case timely detection of the disease takes place.

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