What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Obagi Skincare Products?

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It is a wise idea to get Obagi skin care products through your derm – the first time that you use it. He or she will tell you the amount you should use (according to your skin, etc). But when you know which Obagi products and how much of each, buying it online will come out much cheaper.

Using Obagi products can be rewarding as well as a little tasking. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of this system of products.

The Advantages.

Obagi contains the essentials ingredients necessary for the job it is acclaimed for. Obagi gives maximum results by not only addressing the problem you are interested in solving but also other problems unnoticed by you.

The main advantage of Obagi skin care products is that it works. What more do you need?

The Disadvantages.

Obagi products can come out quite expensive. But in the long run, if it works and you don’t have to try out a thousand different skin care products, you can’t go wrong.

Also, since you can’t get most of it on your own, it is difficult to get the product urgently. This is only because most people don’t know that you can get it online, on your own. Once you know this little secret, the difficulty of getting Obagi skincare products is no longer a disadvantage for you.

The main disadvantage is that it will probably cause initial redness & peeling of the skin. Your skin will get worse before it get better. That is because of the way Obagi products work – it peels off the old dead skin cells to reveal new, smoother ones underneath. But if you stick with the regimen, it will work, (tip: if you’ve got extreme redness, just lessen the tretinoin a little).

The products are quite expensive, but then again, it is not one of those products that promises all and gives nothing, it works, period.

It contains harsh ingredients like Hydroxyl acid which is a very sensitive acid when exposed to sunlight, so it is advisable to use a sunscreen when staying out for too long.

So if you’ve got the money why not try out an Obagi skin care product and you’ll end up smiling to yourself and the world.

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