What a Cancer Man Wants in a Woman – Tips to Help You Appeal to His Heart

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Trying to determine what a Cancer man wants in a woman isn’t always super simple. If you’ve met a man who was born under this sign and he’s captured your heart, you naturally want him to find you just as captivating. Obviously you want to wow him with your charming personality but you need to take it a step further. Men like this are incredibly appealing and once you realize this, you understand why you need to learn the basics of what he’ll find utterly irresistible. In order to make him yours you have to gain some insight into what exactly he desires.

It’s been said that Cancer men feel things on a much deeper level than other men. In most cases, that’s very true. These men are incredibly sensitive and when they fall in love it’s profound and changes them. Understanding is what a Cancer man wants in a woman. He wants to be with someone who recognizes how deeply he feels. He wants someone who is in tune with that and treats his feelings with kid gloves. Hurting a Cancer man emotionally can damage the relationship forever. If you want to be with a man like this you have to learn how to cradle his heart within your hands.

Cancer men are typically very intelligent and look for someone who has a wide range of intellectual interests. Learn what he enjoys in this regard and then research as much as you can. Stay on top of what’s current in the literary world and learn to appreciate the beauty of art. He’ll be impressed and drawn to you when he sees that you’re making a strong effort to expand your intellectual horizons for him.

You absolutely need to recognize that men born under this star sign sometimes retreat into themselves. They do this typically when life feels too burdensome or when they simply need some time alone. You have to learn how to accept this and not take it personally. If you badger him with questions about why he is withdrawing, he’ll pull back even more.

Honesty is what a Cancer man wants in a woman. Don’t try and tell him even one little white lie if you hope to have a future with him. He’ll see right through it and your deception will taint your image in his eyes for good. Always be direct and genuine with the Cancer man you adore. It will help him to see that he can trust you with everything, including his heart.

Source by Gillian Reynolds