Weight Reducing Diet

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  • Beverages like clear soup, pepper water, tomato juice, tender coconut water, dilute skimmed buttermilk, rasam, soda, lime juice with salt.
  • All vegetables (including green leafy vegetables) other than root vegetables as salad or boiled vegetables.
  • Pickles without oil and sugar.


  • Milk (whole) not more than 300 ml. per day including that used in curd and beverages.
  • Oil not more than 4-5 tsp. per day
  • Non-vegetarian items like fish, chicken, can be taken one piece per day in boiled / grilled form. (50 gm)
  • Fruits like oranges, sweet lime, apple, papaya, water melon can be taken- one or few pieces per day. (100 gm)


  • Fats like vanaspathi, ghee, butter, coconut oil.
  • Sweets like puddings, payasam, burfis, laddu, desserts, icecreams etc.,
  • Bakery products like cakes, pasteries, biscuits, etc.,
  • High calorie fruits like banana, grapes, mango, custard apple, chickoo, etc.,
  • Raw banana and root vegetables like potato yam, colocasia.
  • Nuts like almonds, peanuts, cashewnuts, and dried fruits like figs, dates, currants, raisin, apricots, etc.,
  • Egg yolk, ham bacon, mutton, sausages, cheese, cottage cheese, etc.,
  • Aerated drinks
  • Fruit juices (with sugar) squashes, etc.,
  • Fried foods like chips, bondas, patties, etc., and foods containing lot of fat.


  • Raw vegetables as salad, freshly boiled vegetables or green leafy vegetables at every meal.
  • Whole pulses, grams and cereals in preference to refined ones.
  • Raw sprouted grams as salads may be included atleast once in a day.

The above mentioned list does not necessarily imply that items not listed are either allowed freely or prohibited.

For quick reduction in weight, diet restriction alone may not be sufficient but combination with exercise the safest being brisk walks of an an hour in the morning and evening and gradually increase the timing, may be more effective

Source by Mathi Devarajan