Weight Loss Tips – A Secret Formula to Success?

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Weight loss tips are like opinions, everybody has one. When I was trying to lose weight it seemed like all of my friends wanted to give me advice. “Have you tried South Beach Diet?” “Eat more grapefruit, it’s a fat-burner you know.”

It doesn’t matter who they are or what shape they’re in, but once they find out you’re trying to lose weight they’re the experts. Here are my tips to losing weight. This worked great for me. Have you heard about (latest craze)? Blah, Blah, Blah, it’s enough to drive you crazy.

One friend of mine knew the struggle I’d been having and was familiar with the roller coaster ride I’d been on. Her intentions were good, but I’d had enough of everyone’s advice on how to lose weight. She shared with me some practical weight loss tips that anyone could use. Some were actual what to do and others were just motivational. Tips like:

  • Don’t give up when you stumble. Brush yourself off and keep moving forward.
  • Break your overall goal into smaller achievable goals. Instead of losing 20 pounds break it up into 3 pounds a month for 7 months.
  • Don’t diet. Diets are associated with restrictions and that’s no fun. Instead go with moderation and portion control. This will ad variety to your menu and minimize those cravings.
  • Identify your triggers. Do you eat ice cream whenever you’re lonely?

What she shared with me was a portion of a list she had of 71 weight loss tips. It’s not a secret formula or a membership club. It’s a list of tips compiled from a group of people who had successfully lost weight and kept it off. Tips that anyone could use!

I searched for a list and then copied them down on 3×5 cards and slapped them up wherever I would see them on my mirror, refrigerator, computer, etc. Each card a reminder and an inspiration to keep working towards my weight loss goals.

There are no secret formulas to weight loss and most of the advice or tips given have been used in the past. The key to success in weight loss is to find a something that works for YOU and then stick to it! What worked for others may not work for you!

Source by Michelle Blaise