Weight Loss Techniques

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I've talked about how weight loss is a struggle, but in many cases the struggle may be with ourselves more then with the weight. Not that weight loss is hard, but we are always harder on ourselves. I left off with eating when we are bored and I hope that everyone has started getting yourself prepared to move forward towards a healthy lifestyle at a weight that you are happy with. So let me move one with the next set of techniques that you can add to your list.

1. Walking-walking does help to burn calories and to burn fat. This is because if you walk enough and you sweat, you're going to burn off fat. Most of you already knew this, but here is something better. Walk for a little while then sprint, sprinting is basically the same thing as running or a fast paced jog. Do this over and over again to see better results. Walk – Sprint – Walk – Sprint, just keep it up. You are speeding up your heart rate, using more energy, increasing your metabolism, burning more calories because if this and in the end burning more fat off. Doing this has a great effect on you.

2. Sweat !!! (It does not matter how you sweat as long as you are moving and sweating you'll start losing weight) Some activities are more enjoyable than others so have fun if you can.

3. You can lose weight by taking supplements that block fat, but they're not all that healthy for you. First of all your body needs fat to create energy and second you will most likely spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Time that could be spent exercising and losing weight the right way. Plus if you're empty all of the time you'll feel empty and you'll eat more. (This is not to say that these supplements are wrong for you, but hard work is more satisfying in the end.)

4. Stay focused on your goals and when you lose weight or take a step closer to your goals praise yourself. Losing weight can be extremely hard work with extraordinary benefits, so you should feel good no matter how much you've lost even if you lost 5 pounds. (Feel good about yourself, reward yourself, but remember that a pint of ice cream is not a reward.)

5. If you have children get them involved, it will be good for them and there is no one on the planet that will remind you when you are deviating from your plans more than your children. They will constantly nag you, which is a great reminder to stop the bad habits because, if you want them to stop nagging you'll have to stop doing things or eating things that you're not supposed to.

6. Smoking- Yes it has been known that smoking can speed up your metabolism which can lead to weight loss, but do not do it or start. Smoking is worse for you then being overweight in most cases and if you are overweight smoking can be deadly.

So to sum it all up so far, stay active, eat right, get others involved and most of all stay mentally focused and positive. No matter who you are, you can do it and if you're worried about something being wrong for you consult with a physician before starting a program or supplement. It's a good idea to do this anyways. I want everyone to be healthy so get going and improve your health and your life today !!!

Source by Joe N Hill