Weight Loss Supplement Invading Australia

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Reports have shown that obesity is reaching alarming levels in Australia. Many of Australians suffering from obesity are children aged seven to 11. Australian statistics have also disclosed that in 2004-2005; about 16% of adult Australians are overweight. These numbers still are not as alarming as that of America, but they are certainly worth giving attention to. Many Australians are trusting on a weight loss supplement sold in Australia to help them lose weight.

How it works

A weight loss supplement in Australia works just like any other weight loss supplement. It promises to help eliminate fat, fast without the extra effort. Most weight loss supplements claim to help you shed the excess pounds while allowing you to eat, eat, and eat.

A lucrative business

Further reports have shown that a weight loss supplement in Australia has turned into a lucrative $ 20 billion industry. Most supplements contain ingredients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs.

A weight loss supplement in Australia also comes in different forms, including pills, gel capsules, liquids, and powder forms.

Is it effective?

According to the US FDA, while most of these supplements contain natural ingredients, they are sometimes ineffective and can even pose serious side effects. Several weight loss supplements have slipped the hands of the government, penetrating the Australian neighborhood and online markets without the need for prescription.

The government is not as strict when it comes to diet supplements unlike other drugs. Here, many weight loss supplements are sold without precautions or further studies. Similarly, a weight loss supplement in Australia can be sold anywhere with no proof of its effects aside from its advertisements.

Take it with a grain of salt

While some supplements are effective, a majority of them are not. Some even pose serious side effects to its clients. Here, before buying one, you have to research everything you can about that product. Better yet, if you are simply looking for vitamins and minerals, take plenty of fruits and vegetables instead.

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