Weight Loss – Strategies For Success

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Warning: There are no magic bullets, unrealistic promises, or outright lies in this article. The truth is, weight loss is only successful if you can maintain the loss for your entire life. The following strategies will allow you to keep weight off without any suffering, guilt, deprivation, or rigid rules. You do not need to be miserable to lose weight! However, if you feel like you do, I'm sure those magazines at the checkout stands will have plenty of restrictive diets and low calorie recipes to make you as unhappy as you think you need to be.

If you're ready to find health and happiness, and want to finally live your life fully, you're in the right place. Too many women spend years trying to lose weight only to gain it back (or more)! After years of dieting and denying myself new clothes, outdoor activities and other fun things because I needed to lose weight, I finally woke up. What I will share are a few of the strategies that allow me to be in charge of my life, have fun, take care of myself, and as a result, maintain a healthy weight.

Do not Diet

It's probably not news to you that diets do not work. In fact, diets have a sad 5.2% success rate. They also cause destructive physical changes in the body that lead to weight gain and health problems. Here are just a few of these changes:

  • Decreased metabolism
  • Fat storage becomes easier, especially in the abdominal area
  • Increased risk of heart disease and premature death
  • A lower rate of weight loss (if at all) with each diet
  • Increased binging and cravings

Eat Foods You Enjoy, When You Are Hungry

One of the reasons diets fail is because of "Diet Deprivation Backlash". Most diets restrict certain foods, often your favorites. The more you deprive yourself, the more you crave these foods. You may try to make the craving go away by eating so-called "good" foods. But by the end of the day, you will often have eat more calories than necessary from "good" foods and still eat the forbidden food, usually more than if you had eaten it when the craving hit. This is not an effective weight loss strategy.

Eat food that you enjoy. Eating foods that are healthy or low-fat or for other reasons is just another diet, and you know where that leads.

In addition, eat when you are physically hungry – it makes those enjoyable foods taste even better. And, if you eat when you are hungry and stop when satisfied, you have a much better chance of losing and keeping off the weight.

Do not Focus on Weight

How do you feel when you get on the scale? My guess is it depends on the number!

Face it – the scale is just a piece of metal that has no power over you. So why do you let it tell you how to feel about yourself? The truth is that your body will fluctuate anywhere from 1 to 7 pounds through the month regardless of your weight loss efforts.

Research has shown that women who eat based on how their body feels rather than focusing on their weight actually have a lower body mass index (BMI) than those eating to try to lose weight. Toss the scale and listen to your body, it works better.

These strategies are part of a growing non-diet approach to eating and weight loss known as Intuitive Eating. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, in other words, experience successful weight loss, this is the only way to go. Along with weight loss, you can expect a new freedom from dieting, peace with food, and the opportunity to live a full life. Sure beats a magic bullet, do not you think?

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