Weight Loss For Women – What Does A Body Mass Index Do And Why Is It Important?

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I have watched many women start a weight loss program with the best intentions and good direction. After a while, they get to a point where the weight stops coming off, they feel like they have no energy, and / or they are tired all of the time. When most women start a program, they most likely know how much weight they want to lose and have set a goal to do so. However, one thing that many women who are making an attempt to lose weight fail to realize is, first they have to know exactly where they are at to start off with so they know what direction they need to go in to reach their maximum weight loss goal.

First, women have to gather information about themselves and figure out what their body needs to make sure the program they are designing will be effective in every aspect and that they are not wasting time putting their focus in the wrong areas. Most times, when the focus of a weight loss program is not on the right things, they will see slow results or no rsults at all.

Now, I highly recommend that women have a wellness evaluation done. That will let them know exactly where they are so they know where to start, what direction they need to go in, and the specific areas they need to target. BMI stands for BODY MASS INDEX, which will tell everything they need to know by basically laying out a road map from where they are starting and which direction their journey will head. Now the Body Mass Index will tell them their Protein Factor (Lean Body Mass), their Resting Metabolic Rate, and what their calorie intake should be on a daily basis. Another thing they can calculate from this information is their Body Fat Percentage.

Every one of the items I have mentioned are of great importance and will let women know the area they need to focus on the most. It will also design their weight loss program for them and give them a guideline to follow. It is also of great importance for women to do a BMI on themselves several times to see where they are and if they have to redefine the program they are on. Basically, it will take all the gray area of ​​it for them.

There are several benefits for women to do a BMI or a Wellness Evaluation. First of all, it will give them the guidance they need, it will let them know their Body Mass Index (a normal BMI is 20 to 25), it will also let them know their calorie intake on a daily basis so they can plan an effective weekly diet. Another valuable feature is letting them know their Body Fat Percentage, which will let them know the progress they have made. Now, an important fact is, Wellness Evaluation and the BMI are designed on a scientific level. So it is a necessity that women take this information to help them design their weight loss program and use the BMI as a weekly guideline to reference so they always have something to go by.

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