Weight Loss Fiber Foods May Save a Life – Yours

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Not only a remarkable aid for weight loss, fiber has numerous other health benefits. It has long been known as a means of preventing constipation. As well, it helps to prevent diabetes, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, high cholesterol and diverticulosis. There have been studies which show dietary weight loss fiber improves blood sugar levels, reducing insulin needs and assisting diabetics to manage blood sugar levels with their diet.

The USDA has recommended that the daily intake of dietary fiber should be at least 25 grams. Current average levels are about 12 grams per day for adult Americans.


There are many high weight loss fiber foods that are readily available. For instance, green leafy vegetables, such as cage, as well as root vegetables, like carrot and radish. Fruits which are a good source are figs, guavas and apples; almond nuts; grains, including whole wheat and other whole grain products, oats, barley and bran; as well as legumes – including beans, peanuts, garden beans, soybeans, garden peas, chickpeas, black beans and lentils.

Black beans are high in both protein and fiber and do not contain sugar. It is helpful having protein included with fiber to gain the metabolism boosting benefits of protein.

Note that the fiber sources described are derived from plants and do not come from animals. Meat has many advantages as a source of nutrients. Fiber is not one of them.


The type of fiber to be found in fruit and vegetables is called soluble, meaning that it absorbs water from your digestive system and makes you feel full. Fiber which is considered roughage is called insoluble and does not does absorb water. However, it does aid digestion and the function of the bowels, so avoiding constipation. As the body does not break down the fiber, it continues through the digestive tract without turning into fat.

A particular advantage of high fiber foods for weight loss is that they – especially fresh fruit and vegetables – are low in calories and fat and tend to be filling, so it's possible to eat a reasonable amount without adding a lot of calories. This means foods that are high in fiber are valuable as aids for consistent weight loss.

Naturally, feeling full because of the swelling of fiber in your stomach means you are less tempted to snack between meals or eat other fat-inducing foods.

Weight loss fiber foods, such as vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grains, have wide ranging benefits apart from fat and weight loss and provide antioxidants that improve our defenses against a variety of diseases. In fact many regard the extra value added from consuming fiber – reducing intestinal disorders, lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, contributing to lower rates of diabetes, heart disease and cancer – to be at least as significant as the benefits to be gained from weight loss. Eat fiber foods often and enjoy better health while losing weight without the stress of hunger.

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