Warts Treatment and Removal

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Warts are another disease that is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus or the HPV. This condition does not kill anyone, but is there any point in keeping these small benign growths on the skin and encouraging them to spread? Therefore warts treatment is necessary, though the fact remains that the warts may often go away on their own, but not before causing some damage.

Warts not only happen in adults, but are seen in children as well. Sometimes the virus passes from a mother to a new born child. Warts are contagious and so can spread from one person to another when someone directly touches the warts of the affected individual. And it can definitely spread through direct sex. Protection during sex such as wearing a condom may not be enough to stop an infiltration.

But even when there is no direct contact, the virus can still spread through towels, sharing clothing and also taking a bath in the same shower. Does the virus spread through kissing? There is no unanimity on this – some say it does, while others do not agree with them on this. Because of this, both for the affected individual and the people he comes in contact with, warts treatment is essential.

Warts can also bleed and itch. And even when they do not bleed, they can still come in line of clothing and cause a lot of irritation. These skin growths can also be quite embarrassing, particularly when they develop on the exposed portions of the skin. And so, why suffer – articularly when warts treatment can get rid of these growths quickly and effectively.

There are 3 main options…

o Home remedies

o Topical applications and medicines

o Surgical options

Home remedies include…

Adhesive Tape Therapy: Adhesive waterproof tapes are used to cover the warts for 6 to 12 days. In the area under the tape the virus cannot grow, and when after 6 to 12 days the tape is removed, the growth is significantly less, if not completely gone.

Salicylic Acid Therapy: This is basically a liquid or a plaster that is used to cover the wart tissue. But before it is applied, the area needs to be soaked with warm water and razored down slowly. The acid is applied only after this.

There are now some very fine topical application medicines that can give wonderful results. Many of these applications have been scientifically developed using natural ingredients and are free from chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Having almost no side effects, they offer quick results and are safe as well.

Surgery is a third option, but this can only be considered when the warts are relatively bigger and warts treatment is difficult or impossible through the conventional warts treatment methods.

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