Use Sugar Substitutes for Weight Loss and Health

Margarita FolkPosted by

Following a weight loss diet does not mean being deprived of everything you love. If you love baked goods – you can still eat them the trick is to find good substitutes for ingredients so your final product will taste good.

First of all replace the white flour with whole wheat flower and use organic extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil in baking. There are also some sugar substitutes that you can use.

1. If you like bananas you can use them as a sugar substitute in shakes or make a pie using bananas and maple syrup or honey.

2. Use agave nectar. It is a natural sweetener derived from agave plant. It does not throw the body out of balance as sugar does; has a low glycemic index and does not create sugar's "high and low" energy cycle. If you want to substitute the sugar in your recipe by agave nectar, reduce the amount used by quarter since it is sweeter than sugar.

2. Use stevia. Stevia is derived from leaves of the Stevia plant. It does not affect the blood sugar level and is actually beneficial for the body. Stevia is sold as a supplement in liquid or powder form. It is much sweeter than sugar. Do not use as a sugar substitute in baked goods. Unlike sugar it does not melt at high temperature and the final product will not have the same texture. Use cooking books for details of using stevia in baked goods.

If you have diabetes, ask your doctor before using any sugar substitutes. Even though stevia and agave nectar do not affect the sugar levels in the blood your doctor knows better your particular situation and is in a better position to provide you with advice.

Source by Lynn Alex