Unwelcome Oily Skin? How to Get a Welcome Matte Finish

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If you're prune to shine on the surface of your skin, you'll welcome matte inducing lightweight lotions that do not clog pores. Maintain clear shine free skin, need not become a chore if you follow some established guidelines.

Do not forget to see if the product contains an SPF too, this is really important if you have teenage skin. Not all sunscreens are heavy or greasy. Some are actually designed to work with skin that produces increased levels of oil.

Using an oil controlling product will help keep your skin's shine levels at a minimum, while maintaining hydration. You should be looking for a product that contains Salicylic Acid, as this exfoliates and cleans out the pores. Naturally, this minimizes the risk of breakouts.

If you are using powder to match your skin, try and avoid applying too much powder as this will make your skin look dusty, rather than matte. Having a dusty effect will accentuate any imperfections on the surface of the skin, such as lines and wrinkles.

To avoid this you need to perfect your powder application routine. Pick a translucent powder and apply with a inch inch brush. After dipping the brush into the powder, you should remove any excess by tapping the brush on the back of your wrist or hand.

With the brush, work the powder into areas where shine is evident and likely to be noticeable first. This will help to eliminate shine and maintain that matte finish.

You may also want to consider some skin wipes containing the aforementioned skin wipes loaded with Salicylic Acid as these will help to degrease and freshen the skin. Avoid drying alcohol based products like the plague.

There are plenty of oil blotting products on the market today, but if you are on a budget you can not beat some good old fashioned toilet tissue in an emergency.

Simply roll up the tissue, press and hold (not swipe) over the oily zone. The tissue will absorb the oil on the surface of the skin. Bingo! Bye, bye oil. Welcome matte.

Source by Cathy York