Understanding Female Hair Loss And Its Treatments

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Hair Loss is a very distressing experience for women. The problem is worsened by anxiety which is caused through the lower of confidence and a women's self-esteem. It is a noted fact that some form of thinning of the hair or hair loss affects about 50% of women over the age of fifty. Nowadays fortunately there are many treatments available for women.

The reasons for a woman's hair loss are an important factor in deciding which treatment to follow.

Female scalp problems can be measured in four different ways. Alopecia areata, which causes bald spots, Female pattern hair loss, which occurs on the vertes and crown area of ​​the scalp, telogen effluvium, which is due to hair loss all over the head and traction alopecia, which is due to hair breakage.

Female scalp problems can occur due to various treatments or medications as well as a medical condition or a female genetic issue. Interestingly straighteners and the use of hair dryers are among the most common causes of female hair loss as well as hair sprays and other products such as dyes which can also damaged your scalp. One of the more stunning forms of losing hair can be caused by hair ties by putting hair into a ponytail.

There are some simple treatments for women due to damaged hair. The best female loss treatments can only be found by first diagnosing the cause of the problem. With thinning hair you should start by choosing the right products. Hair regrowth nowdays is possible in restoring good condition to your hair through natural remedies and special shampoos.

Believe it or not regrowth can be achieved through a well balanced diet rich in proteins and vitamins providing that good general health is important to maintaining a healthy scalp.

Vitamins A, B, C, E and K should always be included in a healthy diet. If you can not get the right amount of vitamins required in a healthy diet then you should consider taking supplements.

Different types of treatment may be required for other types of women's scalp problems. One of the most common types of female hair loss is female pattern baldness. Postmenopausal and hereditary issues can often be the cause of this type of a women's hair loss.

Pregnancy, anemia and thyroid disorders can cause telogen effluvium and alopecia areata is the result of stress. To find out how to diagnose the best treatment for these types of scalp problems it is advised to consult a specialist from a reputable clinic.

There are also a number of natural treatments available. Studies have found that a lack of vitamin B is a possible factor in female hair loss. Nail and hair growth require biotin which is an important part of B vitamins.

A possibly good way of restoring hair is by taking a hair loss supplement like biotin on a daily basis.

Also a lack of anemia and iron are other ways of causing hair loss. Lacking normal levels of estrogen can be the cause of hair loss among women going through menopause. Treatment through hormone replacement therapy is a common prescription by doctors.

It is vital that you start treatment as soon as the problem is diagnosed as this offers the greatest opportunity to treat the problem successfully.

Minoxidil 2% concentration is a proven medication in the treatment of women's scalp problems. New hair growth in this way can be applied to the scalp twice a day and is described as a topical treatment. Another proven method of slowing down and stopping hair loss is by using minoxidil Rogain is recommended as a well known topical treatment. Although not advised for women who think they might be or are pregnant.

Hair transplants or implants are also used as forms of treatment. If unsuccessful experiences are had by trying the most common treatments than surgical procedure can be an alternative if all else fails. The way it works is by taking hair from the back of the scalp and putting it in the direction of the growing hair by filling in the bald spots. By doing this it is then difficult to notice in comparison to natural growing hair. Although expensive there is no requirement for any other form of hair loss treatment as this method is very effective.

The best treatment can only be had if qualified people are consulted as soon as hair loss is recognized as female hair loss is known to have such an effect on some women. A woman's hormones or the aging process should no longer be seen as a part of the cause of scalp problems. Most women nowdays have a great choice of different types of treatment.

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