Type 2 Diabetes – 5 Steps to Improve Your Diabetes Outlook In a Couple of Weeks

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It is no secret Type 2 diabetes is becoming one of the largest epidemics of our time. Either you have heard about the disease, are affected by it, or know someone who is. Type 2 diabetes is not inevitable, but a rise of our modern lifestyle has made us vulnerable to going from “normal” to developing diabetes without even knowing it. There are steps you can take to stop it in its tracks before it becomes irreversible. The last thing you need to have is high and unstable blood sugar levels ruin your life or that of someone close to you.

Here are five simple and modest lifestyle changes to help you reap health benefits almost immediately…

1. Control your emotions. Firstly, you must move past any frustration or regret you may have after being diagnosed. What is done is done: it is useless to get worked up over what you could have done differently.

Being diagnosed is not the end. You can fight your condition but only when your emotions are brought under control.

2. Learn and understand Type 2 diabetes. It is time to learn and understand the effect of high blood sugar on your body. Once you start to make changes, you will know exactly where to begin and how to proceed.

Know this form of diabetes is characterized by insulin resistance which leads to elevated blood sugar and weight gain. Uncontrolled diabetes can also cause complications such as damage to blood vessels and nerves leading to…

  • heart disease,
  • loss of vision,
  • kidney failure,
  • amputation, and
  • impotence.

3. Manage your condition. Your physician can only advise you – the responsibility ultimately rests on you. Create a meal plan with the guidance of a professional…

  • watch your carbohydrate intake and monitor your calories.
  • eat more fiber and drink more water.
  • start exercising, and
  • lose weight.

Make sure you hold yourself accountable. Success is a product of consistency.

4. Create a daily routine. It helps to think of your Type 2 diabetes plan as a daily routine. This way you can build momentum one day at a time…

  • eat two healthy (not processed) meals each day.
  • if you snack, keep it light and healthy. There is a reason why fruits and vegetables are recommended.
  • track your weight weekly but do not obsess about the numbers.
  • measure blood sugar changes. You should see patterns in your readings if you make the right changes in your lifestyle.

5. Be consistent. The importance of consistency cannot be overstated. Staying on track is crucial. There is no cure for Type 2 diabetes, although it can be controlled and the complications avoided.

You will be pleased to know it does get easier as you go. Progress should be smooth once you start to see results. It has been proven over and over, a low-calorie diet together with increased physical activity lowers blood sugar levels within weeks, even before you see significant weight loss. To keep the benefits going, you need to keep your weight on the downward slope.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers