Two Magical Herbs For The Treatment Of Rosacea

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Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder that affects a large number of people worldwide. In most cases, patients are not satisfied with the results of conventional prescription drugs. Correspondingly, more and more patients who suffer from rosacea are resorting to herbal ingredients to treat their symptoms. Most commonly, patients with rosacea use preparations that include herbal ingredients such as green tea, feverfew, oatmeal, licorice, tea tree oil, camphor oil and chamomile. Although some of these herbal ingredients can have some beneficial effects on rosacea, other ingredients can actually aggravate the manifestations of rosacea. So, what are the most beneficial ingredients that are really helpful for the patients with rosacea?

Licorice has long been used in Chinese medicinal traditions for a large number of diseases. Many laboratory studies have shown that glycyrrhizin, which is one of the most abundant substances in licorice, reduces inflammation, ameliorates irritation, stimulates mucus secretion and stimulates the adrenal glands. Furthermore, glycyrrhizin has been proven to ameliorate dermatitis in patients suffering from rosacea.

Licochalcone is a natural ingredient that is present in licorice and has been proven to reduce the levels of reactive oxygen species which are incriminated to promote skin destruction in patients with rosacea. Some studies have concluded that licocalone containing local skin treatments can reduce skin redness in patients with rosacea.

Feverfew is another herb that has been proved promising in the treatment of rosacea. Parthenolide which is present in feverfew is a known skin sensitizer and should not be included in any skin preparation; hence, parthenolide free feverfew extract was tested in patients with rosacea. The parthenolide free feverfew has been proven in a few studies to reduce the sensitization of the white blood cells to the skin structures which is postulated to be responsible for the skin injury in patients with rosacea.

Although numerous herbs are tested in patients with rosacea, only a few of these herbs have been proven to ameliorate the manifestations of rosacea. Research is continuing adding useful data that reveal beneficial herbal ingredients that can reduce the suffering of patients with rosacea.

Source by Tamer Sameeh Sayed Mostafa