Turmeric and Acne: A Miracle Worker?

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Teens are not the only ones to suffer the indignities of acne. Those ugly red marks can infect adults too. No matter your age, if you've tried dozens of the acne drying creams only to be faced with ugly, flaking skin, you've probably thought "there must be a better way."

I know people whove tried Accutane, bi monthly facials and spent thousands at the dermatologists only to finally find success with an inexpensive spice.

Have you heard of turmeric and acne?

It turns out, Indian women have used this spice for centuries for beautiful, healthy skin. It may work because it has so many health benefits, clearing your skin seems to be just one more.

A Traditional Indian Face Pack

You can make a traditional Indian face pack with gram flour (also called chickpea flour), milk and honey. Mix together equal parts until you have a paste and apply to your face. Since turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory, it reduces your acne flare-ups and minimizes redness.

It also breaks down bacteria, which is another reason why it can help your acne.

It can lighten your skin and even out your skin tone. You can mix turmeric with lemon oil and apply to your skin with a cotton ball on a daily basis. After a few applications, you'll start to notice a difference.

Be Careful, It Can Stain

However, you want to be careful. Do not apply turmeric straight to your face on its own, its bright yellow color can stain your skin (and clothes and countertops) so handle with care.

If it should stain your face, try a cotton ball doused in baby oil to remove the color.

You Can Take It Internally

You can also put a spoonful of the spice in a glass of water and drink it daily. It has many health properties and may even help your acne by taking it internally.

If you're not familiar with turmeric, it's a spice common in India. It comes from a plant called the Curcuma longa native to SE Asia.

It's used in Indian dishes and in traditional medicines for everything from stomach upsets to detoxing.

If you do not like the taste or do not want to risk staining your skin yellow, you might want to try turmeric capsules or a multi-vitamin with turmeric. Would not it be great to get rid of your acne easily and inexpensively? Turmeric and acne just might be the magic combination for you.

Source by Jennifer P. April