Treatment Of Diverticulitis With Diet Change

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The cases of diverticulitis started to become visible after 1900s. From then on this condition has become more and more common.Thanks to the industrial revolution which made processed food available to most of us . Before 1900s the condition of diverticulitis was unknown to many . This was due to the simple diet of the people at that time. They took healthy diet which did not cause stomach problems like diverticulitis.

When we see the diet of people now , it consists of processed foods ,fast foods , junk foods , cool drinks , chocolates etc. Everyday some new thing is included for just tickling the taste buds. These things have a grave impact on your health. Diverticulitis is one result of this type of diet. The pain is like unbearable and people are getting several attacks which is making them weaker and weaker. The only effective treatment in the long run is a healthy diet. You have to understand that you are responsible for your health. Nobody else can do it for you. I know that the temptation to take tasty and delicious food will attract you but you have to fight it. If you observe in Eastern countries the condition doesn’t exist. It is very rare. It’s because of the diet. The people in East do not consume much of junk food. They eat fruits, vegetables, rice, pulses etc., which prevents this condition to develop. If it works for people in East then it will definitely work for people in the West.

In addition to the diet change , regular exercises like jogging, skipping, swimming etc., will also help your body by making it strong. It is also good for your brain which is the most important part of your body. If you just got a diverticulitis then take a good rest , be on a liquid diet for some time and after a week or two you can shift slowly to a fiber rich diet which is very important.

Source by Faiz Rahman