Treatment For Facial Sweating – You Do not Have to Put Up With it Any Longer

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What Is Facial Sweating?

When I was a teenager and got hot or played sports my face would get very sweaty. I knew sweating was normal but compared to other kids my age I appeared to sweat a lot more than them. I had problems with excessive underarm sweat but then I noticed it was happening on my face. I went to the doctor to see if it was related to my excess underarm sweating and my doctor said it was. She told me I had what was known as Hyperhidrosis a condition caused by a disorder of the sweat glands and or the sympathetic nervous system malfunctioning.

I had seen my doctor before about my sweating but the facial sweating was new. My doctor explained that excessive facial sweating could show up anytime and that it is set off by factors like anxiety, fear or stress. She also said there were three other types such as axillary excess sweating, plantar excess sweating and palmar excessive sweating.

I became very self conscious of the sweating and tried to avoid situations where I noticed my face was sweating. I would avoid the boys at school like the plague as it would happen a lot when I was approached by a boy. I also tried to get out of class presentations as I would really freak out and suffer a lot of face sweating. I also could not wear makeup on my face. When trying to apply the makeup, my face would be too wet to apply the makeup and there was this one time when I got to put it on and by the time I got to school it was nearly off. My sweating was affecting me and causing me a lot of embarrassment, humiliation and was taken its toll on other areas of my life as well.

Treatment for Facial Sweating

There are lots of treatments available which I found out about however due to my age I did not consider them. There is the option of surgery which has a high rate of success and involves the cutting or burning of the nerve ganglia or sympathetic nerves in the chest area. You also have the option of using prescription antiperspirant which is a lot stronger than the normal over the counter antiperspirant.

I tried a procedure called iontophoresis. This is more suited for hand or foot sweating and involves using water and a conductor to create a low current which then passes through the area either the feet or hands. The minerals contained in the water then clog the sweat glands so they fail to produce sweat.

Your doctor can also prescribe oral medication known as anticholinergic drugs. These have also been shown to be effective in treating Hyperhidrosis. Many of these oral medications have side effects so it is best to speak to your medial practitioner first before taking them. Often these are unsuited for women who are nursing, are pregnant or could possible be pregnant.

I know from experience just how excess sweating can affect your life. Try to stay positive and remember there are treatments available which can keep your sweating under control if you need help with your sweating.

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