Top 3 Tips For Using Hand Exercises To Develop a HUGE Penis – I Went From 5.5" To Very Well Hung!

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I was insecure throughout my entire teens and early twenties about my below-average penis which measured in at only 5.5 inches long and not even a full five inches around. I read every study known to man about penis size and I was unable to find a single legitimate study which indicated that the average penis size was as small as mine. The smallest average penis size I ever saw in an unbiased study was 5.9 inches long and 5 inches in girth – larger than mine both ways. Most studies put the average length closer to 6.5 inches, with a standard deviation of one inch, meaning my penis was smaller than 84% of other guys – my competition.

In college, I tried a few different methods to enlarge my penis – mainly different types of pills – and all I got was a smaller wallet, not a bigger penis. It wasn’t until I started researching online and learned about natural penis enlargement exercises that I started seeing permanent size gains. I used just my hands to make my penis, which was always well below average, very large in both length and girth. I gained size fast this way, and best of all, the size I gained was permanent.

Here are the top three tips I followed for using hand exercises to make my penis huge. From 5.5 inches to very well endowed.

1. Don’t do too much too soon. Even when your penis is fully conditioned and used to hand exercises, you still never want to do more than two days on and one day off. However, if you’re just starting out and you’re brand new to penis enlargement, even that is way too much in the beginning. For the first two weeks, I exercised my penis once every other day. For every day I “worked out,” I had an off day. I would recommend you do the same. For the next two weeks after that, I went two days on, one day off, then one day on, one day off, then started the cycle over. It wasn’t until I had been doing penis enlargement exercises for a full month that I went to a true two day on, one day off schedule. By that point, my penis had good base conditioning. If you do too much too soon, you run the risk of overtraining which will actually inhibit and slow down your gains.

2. Do kegels as well as enlargement exercises. My firm belief is that you must have dynamite erection quality to complement a huge penis. The way to get the best erection quality is to have super-strong PC muscles – the muscles at the base of your penis which control erection. The way to get these muscles strong is to do kegel exercises. My routine consisted of 100 quick squeezes, followed by 50 squeezes with five second holds, then a one-minute-long continuous squeeze. I would do them when I finished my enlargement routine. Even though once you reach your ideal penis size, you can stop doing penis enlargement exercises, my advice is to never stop doing kegels – do them at least three days per week forever to maintain PC strength.

3. Don’t masturbate within three hours of finishing your exercises. This is prime healing time, and while you’re healing, you want your penis to be plump. After you masturbate, assuming your session ends with an orgasm and ejaculation, your penis goes into the most relaxed state it will ever go into. You want to avoid this while you’re in your prime three hour “growth window” following exercises. To keep myself from being tempted to masturbate afterward, I always did it before my exercise routine!

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