Top 15 Healthy Snacks – A Look at the Good Stuff

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When you take a good look around you, everywhere you will see different foods for different meals. However, most of the time, what you will see are junk foods which are definitely not a healthy bunch of snacks. The problem is not really so much on the ability to choose healthy snacks over the not-so-healthy ones, for everyone is equipped with thinking ability.

However, the perpetrators are the appearance of snacks. At times, people are drawn to snacks that look good so much so that no matter how unhealthy those are, they still choose them over healthy snacks. Somehow they think that attractive snacks taste good. Reality says that it is not the case all the time. The good looks of the snacks do not assure nutrition, not even great taste.

The realization that health depends on healthy diets – including snacks – is indispensable. Without a person realizes and resolves that his health is the most important consideration, he or she will continue to ignore healthy snacks and prefer snacks that look good. In this article, we listed 15 healthy, attractive snacks.

1. Raw Mixed Nuts – a good combination of cashew nuts and peanuts.
2. Dried Fruits
3. Mandarins
4. Apples – evidence of the adage, "An apple a day drives the doctor away" should not be overstated.

5. Bananas – these can be good for weight loss as well.
6. Grapes – these are rich in antioxidants.
7. Tuna
8. Dried Peas
9. Baby Carrots
10. Celery and Humus
11. Cherry Tomatoes
12. Whole-grained crispy bread topped with cottage cheese – whole crackers can also be a good alternative.
13. Bean Salad – a combination of peas and beans is a good and healthy choice for a snack.
14. Popcorn
15. Raw Almonds

Source by Faviano Torres