Top 10 Most Creative Movie Halloween Costumes For 2010

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Dressing up as ghosts and ghouls is a Halloween tradition that is not likely to be forgotten soon by adults and children alike. Creative juices flow and imaginations run wild as people think up of Halloween alter egos they would like to turn into for one special night. Movies are always a good source of inspiration. 2010 is certainly a movie-packed year with tons of characters to portray. From the interesting to the bizarre to the outrageous, you will not run out of movie Halloween costumes this year.

10. Iron Man 2 – Marvel’s latest superhero makes a comeback in this action-packed flick where he battles again a crazed Whiplash. Whether you choose to dress up as Iron Man himself or take the villain’s side and become Whiplash, you can purchase costumes as official merchandise so you won’t have to spend your time looking for separate costume pieces and accessories. The official Iron Man costume even includes real metal parts and a battery-operated arc reactor that lights up when you’re ready to go. Of course, you can also be the alluring Black Widow, too-sizzling hot in an all-leather black ensemble and fiery red hair.

9. Twilight. Not too many adult men will want to dress up as Edward Cullen, but teenage couples can dress up as this romantic vampire and human romantic couple for Halloween. There are officially licensed costumes, but you can also rummage your closet or a nearby thrift store for Twilight movie Halloween costumes. Edward’s signature look is a gray trench coat with large collars and bright amber eyes. Bella, on the other hand, is down-to-earth and tomboyish and she rocks the plaid shirt look.

8. Toy Story 3.. When Woody and the rest of the toys said their goodbyes to Andy once and for all, children and adult viewers alike felt nostalgic for their own childhood toys. It wouldn’t be surprising if we see some Woody’s and Jessie’s walking around this Halloween, or if you want to dress up as them yourself. Many Toy Story 3 costumes can be bought as official merchandise. After all, it’s very time-consuming to look for a costume like, say Buzz Lightyear’s. You can also make your own if you have no money for official costumes.

7. How to Train Your Dragon. There are so many interesting characters in this animated film that children will love to portray this Halloween. Hiccup and Astrid, for instance, can easily be replicated in long green or gray tunics and brown trousers or a skirt. Custom-made dragon costumes are also very popular with the little ones.

6. Shrek. Although Shrek falls behind Toy Story 3 in terms of movie sales, it is two notches higher in terms of movie Halloween costumes because children and adults won’t run out of characters to portray. Of course, there’s your big, green, not-so-scary ogre and his beautiful wife, Princess Fiona (Remember to wear your hair in a single long braid and let it trail down your shoulder). And there’s also Princess Fiona’s bevy of Disney princess friends, such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. You can also be Donkey, Pinocchio, or the Gingerbread Man.

5. Kick Ass. It’s sure going to be one ass-kicking Halloween in the sleek green-and-yellow costume Kick Ass has made for himself. If you’re a girl but still want a Kick Ass theme for your Halloween, Hit Girl’s purple ensemble is definitely an eye-catcher, especially if you wear the smooth purple wig to top the outfit. Don’t forget a lot of military weapons for this one.

4. Harry Potter. This is HUGE, especially with the kids. Many Harry Potter costumes are sold as official merchandise, so it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to look for Gryffindor’s Quidditch robes and the crimson-and-gold house scarf. Of course, you will have to improvise on some parts, such as Harry’s lightning bolt scar, Hermione’s buck teeth, or Ron’s blazing red hair.

3. Dark Knight. Two years into release and the Joker’s performance (along with the shocking news of Heath Ledger’s death) still haunts us today. Dark Knight costumes are set to be a big hit, even for this year’s Halloween. You can bet on it, Joker will be more popular than Batman himself, so start looking for a long purple jacket and practicing your makeup and face painting techniques for a truly grotesque Halloween face.

2. Alice in Wonderland. There is certainly no shortage of inspiration for movie Halloween costumes in this movie. It is so full of characters so bizarre and out-of-this-world that it won’t be so easy picking one character you like. Of course, there’s Alice-but there’s also the neurotic Red Queen. You have the Mad Hatter and also the Knave of Hearts. Or you can be the hookah-smoking caterpillar if you wish, or the White Rabbit, or the Cheshire Cat. There are so many costume ideas here, you can probably have an entire Halloween party with an Alice in Wonderland theme.

1.Avatar. This movie will definitely go down in history as one of the revolutionary flicks of all time, so you had better take advantage of it by participating in history. Whether you dress up as Jake Sully or the Na’vi princess Neytiri, this blue-skinned costume will definitely turn heads. There are officially-licensed costumes for these two characters, but with a little body paint and lots of ingenuity, you can create your costume yourself.

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