Tooth Whitening – Gimmicks vs. Real Deal

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If you want to have the brilliantly white smile that is seen in movies, on television, and in magazines, there are different whitening options for you to choose from. At-home bleaching kits and in-office treatments are both options cosmetic dentists provide you with to give you the smile you want.

It seems as though there is some form of tooth whitening wherever you look. Gum, toothpaste, and whitening strips all advertise that they will give you a perfectly white smile in no time at all. Most of the time, however, these products are gimmicks that take weeks of dedication and patience to see any results at all.

In order to get the Hollywood smile that you have always dreamed of, it is best to visit a cosmetic dentist near you. Cosmetic dentists will discuss with you about the results that you want to see. Through this discussion, your cosmetic dentist can determine what the best treatment is to help you achieve your goal.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments are the real deal; they can provide you with the dazzling smile that you want in a very short amount of time.

At-home whitening treatments that cosmetic dentists prescribe begin by having your teeth cleaned and checked for cavities. Once all the plaque and tartar is removed and any cavities are filled, the dentist will provide you with mouth tray that fits over your teeth and a peroxide solution to put into the trays. The trays are filled with the solution and worn at night while you sleep. In just a couple of weeks you will have a smile that is several shades whiter than before.

Another tooth whitening procedure that a cosmetic dentist can perform is an in-office bleaching treatment. During in-office treatments, your teeth are cleaned and any cavities filled. The cosmetic dentist will then apply a protective gel to you gums so that they are not affected by the treatment. Then, the doctor will apply a bleaching solution to your teeth and use a special light to enhance the whitening process. The result is a much whiter smile in just one office visit.

Another in-office whitening treatment [] that is offered by some cosmetic dentists is the ZOOM! In-Office Whitening System. This treatment is different form other in-office tooth whitening in that it provides you with dramatic results in hardly any time at all. "I use the ZOOM! In-Office Whitening System in my cosmetic dentistry office, "says Dr. Kodish, "to provide you with a smile that is 6 to 10 shades whiter in as little as one hour."

Any of these tooth whitening procedures are very safe and are supervised by the cosmetic dentist []. Teeth and gums may become more sensitive, but the feeling will subside in a short amount of time.

While some products claim to be able to provide you with the smile that you have always wanted, it may take weeks or even months to see the results. Cosmetic dentists can actually give you the smile you have always wanted in just one office visit.

For more information on tooth whitening procedures or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Kodish of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida [].

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