Tips On How I Whiten My Teeth to Their Sparkling Best

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How I whiten my teeth should prove to be an interesting story especially since it comes from a smoker! Quitting smoking has not been easy for me, but I took it up more as a challenge when I came to know that there is nothing else that can be done to whiten my teeth other than giving up this dreaded habit. Today I know that even chewing tobacco and snuff also discolor teeth, in fact, at a rate that is faster than smoking. This is mainly because of the brownish liquid that emanates from any tobacco product. Its resilient nature helps it to stick to the walls of our teeth. Lesson learned: do not smoke if you wish to own white teeth.

However for die hard smokers, brushing your teeth after every smoke or chew could prevent stain formation. You can also use the specially formulated smokers' toothpaste instead of your regular paste, though this is more expensive. At least it could provide a temporary display of white teeth when you smile.

A smokers' toothpaste or even whitening toothpaste is actually a cheaper alternative for many non-smokers but who are keen on an affordable whitening agent. This option is cheaper compared to any branded teeth whitening product available commercially. However the use of such a product has to be regular: after every meal or snack; after every cigarette or any tobacco product; after any stain-inducing drink. Use of smokers' toothpaste at least 2 to 3 times a day can help in the prevention of stains and keep the teeth white.

While there are innumerable teeth whitening agents available in the market, you can not expect miraculous results from any. Varying in price and efficacy, you have to use these products over an extended period of time to see the desired result. Also, changes are only temporary. If you do not give up on your old habits of drinking coffee, tea or smoking, the stains would show its ugly head in no time. An important point to remember here is that many of the teeth whitening agents remove stains by polishing the teeth and removing the outer layers of the teeth. This can do irreparable damage to the outer enamel coating of your teeth which invites more staining in future. It can also make the teeth more sensitive.

A permanent teeth whitening solution is available if you are ready to pay between $ 500 and $ 1200 for a laser or tray bleaching program. Performed by a qualified dentist there are also other whitening solutions like having your teeth bonded or veneered. These procedures are longer lasting than other whitening brands available over the counter and may also offer protection against cavities and decay in future. However these procedures also cost money and lots of it.

According to first hand experience, the best solution I have found to whiten my teeth has been my decision to get rid of some poor lifestyle choices I have made earlier in life. In summary, the way to go would be:

– To avoid foods that help in teeth staining
– Give up on tea, coffee, red wine and dark colored sweetened sodas.
– Forego the desire to smoke or any other tobacco products.
– Maintain regular dental hygiene by brushing and cleaning teeth daily.

These are seemingly simple solutions for a set of white glistening teeth. If you can manage to adopt such a lifestyle early on in life, you can enjoy years of healthy, white and glowing teeth, where you spread happiness every time you smile. Many of the ill effects of bad choices can also be reversed if you switch to a reputed brand of whitening toothpaste or any other effective whitening product available at any good retailer. Smile not just bright but white too.

Source by Sarah W. Daniels