Tips For Changing Your Eating Habits Without Strict Diets!

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The no diet weight loss. The pressures of life can build up slowly over time … and one day we wake up and find that it's not just the pressures … but the weight that has been building up! Recent studies have shown that 74.1% of American adults and 67.4% of Australian adults are overweight! Despite increased government campaigns and public health programs … the statistics are not slowing down!

In order to effectively lose weight and keep it off in the long term you must change your eating behavior. There are two stages to changing your eating habits. The first is to change how much you eat and the second is to change what you eat ! Most people fail to stick to their healthy diet plan because they try to do both steps at the same time … and go from eating a big meal of cheesy pasta to a rabbit sized portion of salad greens! It is recommended that to achieve weight loss and keep the weight off, start with reducing the meal size and once your body is comfortable with eating less then substitute some of the unhealthy foods for healthy food. This method will maximize weight loss in a controlled and healthy way and as it is not a diet full of rules and calorie counting it will be easier to stick to!

Tips to reduce the amount you eat and the type of food you eat:

– Change your plate size! Start serving your food on a butter plate or lunch sized plate! You will find that you have to reduce the proportion size to fit on the plate … but the plate looks full so your 'eyes' will be satisfied as well as your stomach!

– Select entree sized meals when dining out, or share a full sized meal with your partner. You can always order something else if you are still hungry after completing your meal, but most of the time you will find that an entree size is quite adequate.

– Drink water, lots and lots of water! Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger … so instead of snacking grab a drink!

– Remove snacks and temptations from your home! If they are not there you can not eat them!

– Create a balanced diet! Your evening meal should contain lean meat, small amount of carbohydrates (potato, pasta), and lots of vegetables! Balanced means a little of everything and nothing (unhealthy) in excess, so a small amount of chocolate once a week could part of your balanced healthy eating plan!

– Buy a new cookbook to become inspired to cook delicious healthy meals for your family! Stay away from the processed and pre-packaged foods and stick to the fresh vegetables and meat!

By changing your eating habits you are on the right to path to a new slimmer you! Weight loss can be difficult, but changing your eating habits can maximize weight loss and keep the weight off in the long term!

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