Things to Eat to Lose Weight – 4 Natural Appetite Suppressants That You Will Love

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One important way of improving weight loss is by taking appetite suppressants–foods that either make you feel full faster but are low on calories. Unfortunately, many appetite suppressants come in the form of diet shakes, supplements and other manufactured products which raises the issue of side-effects.

But the good news is that there are certain natural things to eat to lose weight and reduce suppress your appetite including the following:

Natural Suppressant #1: Lentils

(How about “natural suppressant” since that’s our topic? Let’s change that for all of them)

An understated but powerful food item is lentils, which has plenty of benefits not only for enhancing weight loss but for your overall health. Lentils are packed with protein and fiber: 9 grams of healthy proteins per half cup serving and 8 grams of fiber per serving, to be exact. They also have lots of minerals required in the body for metabolism. As an appetite suppressant, lentils travel relatively slowly through the digestive system compared to other legumes like beans, thus keeping you full for longer. To have a little fun with them, try the different colored lentils for soups, dips and spreads.

Natural Food#2: Celery

A great vegetable to reduce appetite is celery. It is very rich in fiber and offers very few calories- a whole cup of celery contains 16 calories. This combination of high fiber and low calories, as well as the slight salty taste and crunchiness of the celery, makes it ideal for reducing your appetite. (watch the grammar of using “appetite” on its own) Celery will satisfy hunger without the calories, so you can eat as much as you wish without worrying about gaining weight.

Natural Food#3: Pickles

Natural pickles-usually made from cucumbers– are great snacks / salads as they are very low in calories–a whole jar of pickles will only add about 50 calories to your body. In addition to keep you satiated, brine cured pickles will allow intestinal microflora, which aid in the digestion process and help boost the immune system, to flourish.

There are many varieties of pickles in the market like salted, half-sour, backed et cetera and so it is important to always read the ingredient labels before adding them to your shopping cart. Steer clear of the ones with artificial additives and flavoring as these will actually cause you to add weight.

Natural Food#4: Bananas

This is a fruit with a long list of health benefits and is often featured prominently in many weight loss diets. Some of the health benefits associated with the consumption of bananas-whether ripe or unripe-include:

1) Helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure due to their near perfect potassium / sodium balance.

2) Prevents eye-sight degeneration in old age.

3) Helps fight kidney diseases

4) Helps control anemia by providing the body with high quantities of iron to facilitate the formation of red blood cells.

Why talk about health benefits in an article about natural appetite suppressants? Simply because when your body is out of balance you crave things you shouldn’t or wouldn’t if you were healthy. But, health benefits aside, this wonder fruit aids directly in the weight loss fight in various ways. Here’s a few:

1. Ripe bananas are an excellent substitute for sugary snacks. This keeps you from overloading your body with refined sugar calories that leave you hungry and send weight directly to the places you want to keep the weight off of!

2. Bananas have sugar in its natural form within the the fruit and are high in monosaccharides–glucose, sucrose, and fructose–which will keep your energy up and help you burn more calories and keep your appetite in check

3. Finally, bananas help you suppress your appetite because their fiber content will keep you satiated and nourished.. Feeling full is the #1 goal of natural or synthetic appetite suppressants so the fiber in bananas is your friend!

So there you have it! Four satisfyingly suppressing super foods to eat to lose weight. Be creative with them and enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror after these natural appetite suppressants have worked their wonders on your body!

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