The Truth About Common Dental Myths

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Is it necessary to save "Milk teeth"?
We have 20 milk & 32 permanent teeth, 1st Milk tooth comes anytime between 4-6 months, and by 2 to 3 years all 20 milk teeth are present. First permanent tooth comes around 6-7 years, & till 18-25, all permanent teeth come. If Milk teeth are not preserved, then permanent teeth may grow crooked and can damage other teeth. To avoid this we should use Space Maintainer.

Is it true that only "WHITE" teeth are clean teeth?
Our teeth are covered by White Enamel. Under white Enamel we have Yellow Dentine. Enamel may be transparent or opaque. So, if we find our teeth Yellow, then it is because of transparency of white enamel, and teeth appear white when Enamel is opaque. Focus should be on clean teeth rather than color. Plaque demonstrating tablets help us in detecting plaque.

Removal (extraction) of teeth will lead to loss in eyesight, is this correct?
In olden times regular dental check-up were unheard of. Only old people used to visit Dental Surgeon mainly for removal of teeth. It is but natural for Eyesight to weak during old age. Obviously, people just agreed that by removal of teeth, eyesight has weakened. In reality there is no scientific truth in that statement.

The popular belief that cleansing of teeth makes them weak, is this correct?
Our teeth are supported by Gums and Bone. Plaque and Calculus (tartar) damage slowly our supporting structures. Cleaning by Dental surgeon helps us in removal of Calculus. If Calculus is not removed teeth can gradually lose bone support. Surprisingly, there is no pain at all, thereby we do not find the necessity to visit dental surgeon. Regular annual clean -ups will help us in taking good care of teeth, so they last us Lifetime.

How painful is dental treatments?
In reality, initial dental problems are never painful. Only when dental decay touches the Pulp chamber (where nerves and blood vessels are present), then it is very painful. At this stage we may require lengthy Root Canal treatment. Similarly, gum diseases are painless, leading to total neglect of Gums.

Is it necessary to replace missing teeth?
We have one heart, two eyes, but 32 teeth. So, we feel if 2, 3 teeth are missing it does not matter. Every tooth has its unique function. Even if one tooth is missing, entire balance of mouth is lost, resulting in severe long term damage to other teeth and gums and bone. Timely replacement of Missing teeth helps in better chewing. This automatically helps in proper digestion and nutrition.

Is it natural for teeth to fall during old age?
Today our life span has increased to about 75-80 years due to excellent medical care. Our digestive system also becomes weak in old age. If we take proper care of our natural teeth from early age, it will help us in keeping our teeth for our entire life.

Does placing a tablet of aspirin or clove oil along aching tooth will treat the pain?
We are not supposed to keep either aspirin tablet or clove oil beside tooth. It can damage soft oral mucosa causing burning.

What are Teeth whitening (bleaching)? Is it harmful?
Dental bleaching, also known as tooth whitening, is a procedure in cosmetic dentistry which will help in removing stains from tooth. Laser whitening has minimal harmful effects. It is necessary that teeth Whitening is always done under Dentist's supervision. Never mindless, one must remember that teeth whitening can not be recommended for many people, especially for those who have sensitive teeth, problematic enamel, underdeveloped tooth tissues, as well as for pregnant and nursing women. In average, the effect can last for about a year or two, but after every successful bleaching procedure the duration of the effects usually decreases.

What is the ideal age to start Braces treatment (Orthodontic treatment)?
Ideally, one should have an Orthodontic consultation at the age of 7-8 years. Treatment requirement will be determined by the Orthodontist. Patients having jaw mal-alignment will benefit by early treatment. It is also possible to treat Adult patients, provided they have healthy gums and bone.

What brushing guidelines one should keep in mind?
Proper brushing technique is the single most important thing to prevent Dental diseases. It is very important to brush in the night. Brush gently cleaning about 2-3 teeth at a time. We are supposed to clean even inside surfaces of the teeth. Place the head of the brush beside teeth, with bristle at 450 angle against the gum line. Move the brush back and forth in short strokes with gentle pressure. It is possible to damage gums with hard bristles. Ideally, a tooth brush should be replaced every 3-4 months. However, if we find bristles spread out, then replace immediately.

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