The "Secret" To Weight Loss – What It's Not (Part One)

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How many people out there on a daily basis look through magazines or surf the Internet in the search for the magical "Secret" to weight loss?

For these people, what they do not know is that they are about to be terribly disappointed. The "Secret" to weight loss can not be found in the normal places that people look. But, lets go ahead and discuss what the "Secret" is not.

A Diet Program

Granted, a great diet can help you lose weight but what good is a diet if you can not stick with it? Of course, you'll see new diet plans popping up from time to time as everyone has the new best way of slimming you up.

But, is a great diet the "Secret".

In one word … no

There are too many gaps to fill. First, you have to justify if the diet is right for you. Can you stick with it? Does it compromise your metabolism? Does it fit your lifestyle?

You see, a diet program alone has too many variables to be the true "Secret" to weight loss. You can show me any diet program and I can show you a hole in it … a reason that people will not find success with it.

Again, a great diet is part of the PROCESS – but it's not the "Secret".


Before you go looking for the diet of the century to solve all of your weight loss problems, make sure you understand that diet is just a cog in the weight loss machine – it's not THE solution. It's just part of the solution.

Getting wrapped up in diet is like putting the cart before the horse.

Source by Brad Howard