The Safest Moisturizers Around

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Effective and safe moisturizers for dry skin – Are you not happy with yours?

Does your moisturizer not absorb? Seems sticky? Is it too thick or too liquid? Too much fragrance? Too expensive, or does it just not seem to work and your skin is still dry?

A cream and moisturizer should absorb deep into your skin and deliver nutrients where it is really needed. A superior moisturizer absorbs deep inside your skin it does not wash off. When moisture and nutrients are absorbed, health that leads to beautiful skin can take place.

Soon after application should be dry to the touch and leave no greasy or sticky feeling. Sorry, no moisturizer works on the surface. That's not where the problem is, but that is where you see the problem. Surface products are a short-lived relief and sometimes no relief at all.

Surface products are always greasy, always wash off or they just evaporate. Talk about money down the drain!

The outer layer of your skin is known to be impenetrable and some topic skin care products use ingredients that cause micro tears in your skin allowing the vitamins to absorb. A superior skin care use natural penetrator and that allows all nutrients to absorb into your skin without cutting and tearing and damaging your skin.

Micro tears caused by facial skin care products is a major cause of wrinkles.

Some moisturizers use strong perfumes or popular scents, but no fragrance makes a superior moisturizer. On average a superior moisturizer does not carry a strong and lingering scent. There is more than the user that will be affected by the fragrance and in some cases it actually can cause irritations to people around you.

You should not need to re-apply a superior moisturizer after every time you wash your hands. After all, a superior moisturizer absorbs into your skin, is dry to the touch – there should not be anything to wash off. The cream should stay inside your skin and improve your skin condition and soon you should feel that the time washing your hands washed them out is gone.

When a kid washes his / her hands they do not dry out. The water turns into beads and just slips right off. Why is that? They have naturally healthy and moist skin with a turnover time faster than skin can dry out. Then what happen? Why do I get dry skin? From the average age of twenty the general metabolism in our bodies start slowing down and with that the turnover time slows down as much. So sometimes dry skin is just dead old skin cells that you can remove with an exfoliator or scrub.

But the point here is that a superior skin care and moisturizer should add health to your skin so the natural turnover time shortens. How can that be possible? Simply if the correct ingredients, balanced one against another, and needed amount of moisture are added to your skin it stimulates the production of new and healthy cells and tissues that your skin can naturally exfoliate. You want to improve the production of new and healthy cells and tissues. After all they have been declining ever since you were a baby and renewed your full set of skin in a week.

Of course a regular use of an exfoliator helps to shed the old and bring in the new.

Thank you for your time.

Source by Patrik Karlstrom