The Quickest Way to Improve Your Smile

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One of the quickest and most appealing ways to enhance your appearance is to improve your smile! Whitening and brightening your teeth is possibly the most cost effective appearance enhancer available.

There are a range of methods available to you if you want to whiten your teeth. Most of us are familiar with teeth whitening trays. These are those "gum guard" type devises that fit over your teeth. The process was once used only by dentists but there are now whitening-tray methods for home use. The whitening tray is filled with a gel-like substance that is left in the mouth for about an hour. Many people gag at the thought of a gel-filled gum guard, but the method is effective.

Whitening trays are most effective and most expensive when applied by your dentist. You can achieve acceptable results at home but take care not to leave the chemical in your mouth so long as to cause irritation. Do not apply a tray if you have gum disease or irritation of the gums. Also watch for scratches or wounds to the gum that would be irritated by the chemical gel.

Time moves on and fortunately improved home-based methods of teeth whitening have been developed. Teeth Whitening Tips is a superb alternative because it is much simpler to apply and more cost-effective. The better products include not only a whitening agent but also a polishing agent so that the result is not only a whiter smile but a brighter smile!

The Tips also significantly decrease the chances of irritating the gums or over-exposing sensitive teeth to the whitening chemical agent. The Tip allows you to cover the tooth perfectly without touching the gums.

If you smoke, drink red wine, drink coffee and such like then the chances are that your teeth could do with a bit of a whiten and brighten. Remember: a great friendly, open smile is the shortest distance between you and the person you want to be close to. There are easy-to-use, low cost ways to improve the appearance of your teeth.

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