The Positive Effects of Acupuncture on Weight Loss

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Some of us have tried every diet known to man during our lifetimes, only to extremely return to obesity by packing on even more weight. It seems like no matter how hard we try, we just were not made to be thin. Unfortunately, our health and life expectancy suffers, and we lack the energy we need to pursue all that life has to offer. Western diet techniques just do not work, mainly because most of them involve unhealthy eating practices and forcing ourselves to exercise even when we hate it. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), however, has a different approach to losing the weight while maintaining a balance, and that is the concept of acupuncture and weight loss.

Let's face it. Fad and crash diets do not work. At best we end up yo-yo dieting which is not good for the body. These diets force our bodies into unnatural regimens that we are unable to sustain either physically or mentally. We've all tried these methods until we've thrown up our hands in frustration. We've seen wealthy celebrities with access to private trainers and personal chefs succeed for awhile and then rejoin the ranks of the pudgy. We're all looking for something that will help us take off the weight and keep it off for good. Maybe acupuncture is just the treatment we're searching for.

Acceptance of acupuncture for weight loss research is becoming more widespread in Western cultures. The Journal of Medical Acupuncture conducted research in 2003 which showed that those in the group who received acupuncture lost over three times as much weight as the those in the group that did not. Another university study done in Australia in 1998 showed that people receiving acupuncture showed reduced appetite and lost more weight than others who did not. The body of research is growing, and all of it is favorably impressed with the weight loss possibilities of the Oriental treatment.

So how does it work? Somehow, acupuncture along with a special blend of foods and herbs affects our digestive, nervous, and endocrine systems, lowers food cravings, and raises metabolism. These are all functions that can help the body lose weight by:
* Controlling overeating and suppressing appetite
* Maximizing the absorption of nutrients
* Energizing the body
* Regulating elimination
* Reducing Anxiety

You only have to compare these results to those you have sustained while dieting to know that acupuncture and weight loss have the real potential to solve your weight problem forever.

Source by Christopher W Smith