The Greenland Effect

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The Greenland Effect

Micha'el had given me much to think about, and that is what I was doing, thinking, and thinking, and thinking (as the voices of the angelic forces started to fade), and here are my last thoughts:

The Greenland Effect

(Notes: one of the reasons for an ice age is the change in Earth's atmospheric composition, I am not sure how all these works, though, I know our atmosphere simply gets thinner and fades into outer space, and water vapor is mixed with all This, and the mixture comes out as air, whatever, it does protect the life of earth, and earth protects the life of its human beings, on it, like white on rice. So all this was making some sense, the air, the Water, the earth, the souls on it, and my journey, and I suppose the ultimate understanding was: everything works together, or not at all, it tips the balance sooner or later.)

Thoughts after talking to Micha'el

Phenomenon of the Ice Age

The world has its phenomenon of and they all come to life in men, dreams and visions, and if he lives long enough, his realities.

So saying, it is believed, and can be proven I think-but I am not here to prove anything, but tell a story, and the story is this journey, that took me to many places, and time periods, therefore it shouldnt Be taken for granted that the North Pole of today is where it was when this journey took place, oh no that would be silly and not even workable for this story, or practical, nor would it satisfy the angels, Mother Nature, and geology in All printability.

The North Pole I saw existing in the Yukon District, and then again it appeared a number of times during my journey, once in the Greenland Seas (this made me think, although I did not say anything at the time); It also was seen in the Hudson Bay area (among other places and so this was something on my mind, that I did not have time to talk to the angels about, and perhaps trivial, as I whipped through time periods like turning pages of A good book.

And then today we have it where it is, in its geographic location-for now anyhow, some several hundred miles form its magnetic position. This became a value throughout the journey, only because it gave me logic for the canopy around the earth, which is another theory of course.

As one ventures into the unknown of that day, they will see the sites of the mountains, wherein at one time, they were just piles of volcanic matter. We are talking about the European side of the world still; The transition of the North Pole which is still in transition at this very moment it should be noted, and has changed a number of times as I previously said (and if we were to go back in time, it would have changed positions potentially some two -hundred times); Due by the movement of the crisis of the earth, producing at times land bridges for migration purposes, crossing of the continents along with icebergs or one-hundred mile ice sheets floating from one continent to another, again serving as a floating bridge of texts.

Anyhow, let me get to the point, the warm air circulating was the result of circulation between the two oceans now cut off by land masses during this time period (9000 BC) of the North Atlantic; That would consist of -as we know it today-to be Greenland, Iceland and Scandinavia. Thus, again allowing the warm air to circulate and lower the temperatures of the northern world. In times before, the seas bottom had risen, in consequence, there were not dividers to block the warm air currents, and so the earth is left at a comfortable temperature.

Under the water, sometimes three-hundred feet or so underneath was the masses of land called: Greenland and Iceland.

Concluding Notes: I can only conclude after thinking a while about this last part, this last dream-vision that was brought to me at the very end of my journey, simply because the earth was moaning again, and had something to say, and needed Someone to say it to, that despite there was going to be a repeat, but with brimstone and fire next time. I do believe the Earth is a living thing, like the soul, and God has connected all of us together somehow, and we can not simply avoid one another because we have the means to, that at the end of the day, everything is measured and Balanced, the earth, and all upon it, and all who enter it, and if anything falls short, or wanting, it must be reckoned with, deal with, I think God has given his ear as well to the earth, as he has To man, and angels. And so this was the end of my journey, and like all first steps, there must be an end step, the last step in a journey, as birth is to death, and death is to resurrection. The fitful fever of this varied journey had consumed me, yet triumphantly restored my soul, to possibly an overlooked home to be, this drama could rival reality, please keep that in mind.

Source by Dennis Siluk Dr.hc