The Catastrophic Effect of Bad Cellulite Advice

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In a cyberspace of information overload, it's easy to follow some bad cellulite advice. The problem is that you do not even know you're doing it.

One of the worst and utter pieces of garbage advice I've seen is to lose weight. Trust me when I tell it's all downhill from there.

I'll tell you why …

When you lose any amount of weight, you're left with loose skin. Any loose skin needs tightened; therefore, you're only fighting half the battle. The other half of the problem is periodically addressed with some type of cellulite treatment.

The reason I say it's bad advice, is that most weight loss programs focus on cardio training, as that's what raises your heart rate, increases your blood circulation and burns fat off. True that they are components to get rid of cellulite, but they are not the main ones.

What you need to be doing is training your body to tone the skin, while burning the fat. If you're not doing that, you're never going to get rid of cellulite.

It's easier to understand the principle of the matter, when you really understand what cellulite is. Not the causes of it. Search for the causes of cellulite and you'll spend an eternity with different answers. Of all the scientific studies, there's still no concrete answer to it.

The causes are not as important as understanding what it is.

That's simple when you understand the structure of your skin. Skin anatomy for a fancier term.

To keep it simple, this is the three-tier structure of your skin.

  1. Epidermis – The top-tier level of your skin – the visible part
  2. Dermis – The middle tier with components for the collagen and elastic fibers connected to the epidermis
  3. Hypodermis – The lower tier and where fat is stored.

With the science bit out the way, here it is in layman's terms …

Any excess fat, like toxic pollutants coming from unhealthy foods, and fat that's not burned off gets stored in the hypodermis. The more fat that skin layer stores, the more it pushes into the dermis layer.

The middle layer of skin has elastic fibers. You know about elastic bands, so think of it like that. You can pull it and it 'll stretch.

The more fat there is in the bottom layer, the more it expends your middle layer, and that ever pushes onto the surface of your skin, giving you the dimpled appearance.

The only way to avoid dimpled skin is to stop your body from storing the fat in the hypodermis. You do that through fat burning, but since you are not going to be working out 24/7, you need to be smart about your workouts.

You do that building muscle mass. If your problem is with belly cellulite, do abdominal workouts to strengthen that area. If it's your inner thighs, do resistance training focused on that area.

Muscles burn fat naturally, and that's how you can keep the fat from being stored anywhere. Of course, nutrition plays a key part in that respect.

Of all the fitness advice around, cellulite is by far the most misunderstood body problem of all. Because it's associated with weight, the advice is estimated to be to lose weight. Some programs get it right by putting an emphasis on strength training, but unfortunately most do not.

Instead, they put it down to the guess of it being caused by genetics, so it's not the fault of the training. It's still bad cellulite advice if you ask me. The principle of it is that it's nothing more than fat pockets stored in the body.

Fat burning gets rid of that, and strength training builds muscle that naturally burns fat. All that's left is to tone the muscle. That's a lot easier than building it.

Source by Robbie Bowman