The Best Way to Whiten Teeth – Tips For Naturally Whiter Teeth

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The best way concerning how to whiten teeth is divided. Those in the dental practice will without hesitation say that a tooth whitening treatment carried out by a qualified dentist is the only way to guarantee pearly white perfection. Others will say that there are simple and free methods readily available to ensure an immaculate smile. Who is right?

Opting to go to your dentist to have your teeth whitened has been up till recently the more preferred method for getting sparkling teeth. More often than not, it was seen as the only way, to achieve the perfect set of teeth, be it for business or self-confidence reasons. The unfortunate aspect to this option was that it was quite expensive at dentists had an almost monopolistic hold of this ever expanding market.

There are basically two ways in which a dentist will choose to correct dull teeth. The first of these is composite resin bonding. Here, particles of the teeth are removed being being replaced with whitened particles which are then smoothed down and polished off to correspond to the initial shape of the tooth.

Microscopic grooves made by a corrosive acid is what enables the new particles to '' bond '' with the old.

The other and the most expensive way utilizes a technique known as veneer bonding. Here thin sheets of white procelain are implanted on top of the tooth to give a whitened appearance. Though admittedly costly these porcelain sheets last up to five years.

It is important to note that sometimes things can go wrong in these operations where the patient will end up coming out with extra sensitive teeth, due to the enamel being penetrated too much.

Then there are the free methods. Such examples of maintaining whiter teeth revolve around the following:

-drinking water and milk as opposed to extrinsic inducing drinks like coffee and tea to wash out bits of food that may be trapped between teeth.

– Brushing teeth with a fluoride strengthened toothpaste to create healthy teeth after each significant meal. This removes plaque build-up which if not dealt with accordingly will lead to tartar problems

-eating lots of citrus fruits, which contain vitamin c (a bleaching agent)

-flossing regularly to remove bits of food.

Odd methods of whitening teeth include no less than creating a toothpaste out of toast, rubbing crushed strawberries between teeth and applying banana peels to the bottom of the gums.

Nowadays as people seek to find more innovative and less costly ways to whiten teeth, they are increasingly turning to home whitening kits. These kits may include swabs, strips or mouth-guard like structures. The aim here is to oxidise out the stain by literally suffocating it with a whitening gel.

Indeed many companies are now, due to the assurance of demand, offering free trials of their products for consumers to test them.

It seems that the dentists have lost, unless they decide to fairly price their offered procedures.

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