The Best Way to Lose Weight is to Drink This Miracle Liquid

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I bet you are going to be so surprised when I say it but one of the best way to lose weight is to drink water. And no wonder … water practically makes up seventy percent of our body weight.

And I'm not talking about dehydrating yourself to death to lose water weight …

THAT would be too easy! In fact, it is true that we lose about one liter of water a day just with normal every day living. And we MUST replace this loss of water. Our bodies use the water for so many things that are vital for our survival. We can actually survive longer without food than we can without water …

However, for the purpose of this article … water is critical for fat metabolism. And our organs can not properly metabolize fat without water. As a result … if you do not drink enough water … your body burns up less fat and you become … more fat!

Also … believe it or not … many times when you have hunger pangs … it is really a signal from your body to drink more water. You see … many times … your body can get water from foods … such as fruits or vegetables or even meat. So if you get hungry, try drinking a glass of water and see what happens for you.

In short, water is a natural appetite suppressor so drink plenty of water to remain hydrated. If you eat less foods, you will have a calorie deficit and will lose weight.

You will also find that drinking enough water throughout the day will give you more energy, allow your muscles to regain and repair itself after you workout.

And if you drink coffee, tea or alcoholic drinks … those items are called diuretics which makes you lose even more water in your body. So be sure to drink enough water all the time.

They say you should drink about six to eight glasses of water per day. But the rule of thumb is try to drink when you feel thirsty.

And this is what I would do if you get hunger pangs. Drink a glass of water. If you are still hungry after fifteen minutes … then eat some food!

Some folks do not like water. Ideally, it should not have a flavor but many cities add chemicals to control bacteria in the water. Also if you live near the mountains, the water may have mineral taste. One way to flavor the water without adding additional calories is to put a wedge of lemon or lime in the cup of water. You can also drink out of a mug or colored glasses. One of my favorite ways to drink water on a cold day is to microwave it in a mug and sip the hot water while reading a good fiction book.

I also keep a bottle of water in my truck so that I have something to drink while driving around. Keep bottled water handy at the office unless you have access to clean water.

Another choice for water can be sparkling water (without sugar or fruit juices of course). If you like the fizz – this is a good way to go without drinking soda or diet soda.

So there you go! Drinking water is one of the under-appreciated weight loss tips …

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