The Best Tips to Whiten Teeth – Practice Them at Home

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Are you looking for some great tips to whiten teeth? Are you ashamed of going out of the house or smiling in front of people because of the yellow or the black stains present on your teeth? There are different ways to remove these stains.

You can either visit a doctor or you can even try some top remedies at home. These methods are easy and simple and are even effective. Stains on the teeth can also take a toll on your self esteem. So find out ways to remove them.

Mix Wood Ash with Toothpaste

One of the great tips to whiten teeth is using wood ash. There are lots of people who have already used this and have got good results. You just need to take the ash and mix it with your toothpaste. Then brush your teeth normally as you do daily.

The ash is known to contain potassium hydroxide which is one of the best materials which can help you to get rid of the spots. Other than removing the stains the ash can even help you to get rid of plaque. But you need to make sure that you do not use this material daily because it can erode the teeth.

Apply Orange Peel

Do you know that oranges can also offer great solutions to the teeth whitening problems? This is also one of the best tips to whiten teeth. This is a home based solution so you need not visit the dentist.

You just need to get the peel of the orange and then you have to rub the back of the peel on your teeth. After a few days you will find that your teeth have started brightening. If you can follow these tips to whiten teeth then you will surely get better results. You can even add some salt on the peel of the orange for good result.

Avoid Tobacco Chewing

If you really want to avoid having stains on your teeth then the first thing which you must avoid is tobacco. Chewing tobacco can have a bad effect on your teeth. It will not only affect the teeth but also the gums. So follow the tips to whiten teeth properly.

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