The Best Times to Use Mouthwash

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Using mouthwash to keep your gums, teeth, and tongue clean and free from bacteria is a great way to promote your own dental health. Most brands come with specific instructions on the bottle for how often to use it, and how long to swish it around in your clean and healthy mouth. You should follow those instructions, and also consider when the best times might be for you to use mouthwash. Some people like to gargle with it before heading out the door for a social engagement, or when they know they will be close to a special someone. Using it at least twice a day is recommended for the best benefits.

Start your day off with a fresh and tingling mouth by using mouthwash early in the morning. It can help to use it as soon as you get up, after you brush your teeth, or even after you have eaten your breakfast and had your coffee. When you use mouthwash after you eat, you will have a better chance of removing any particles of food that have become attached to your teeth and your gums. You will be surprised at how many crumbs are in the sink when you spit out the mouthwash.

Using mouthwash before you go to bed is also a great idea. Once you know you are done eating and drinking for the night, incorporated this step into your bed time routine. After you brush your teeth, wash your face, and do whatever else you do at the end of the day, gargle with some mouthwash to prepare your mouth and teeth for several hours of sleep. It will keep your mouth protected while you sleep, and help prevent the bad breath that easily take over during the night.

There are other occasions that may require a quick swish of mouthwash. If you brush too hard and notice your gums are boring, use some in order to keep the area clean. That will protect you from infections. Many people mouthwash immediately if they feel a canker sore or fever blister growing in their mouths for the same reason.

Mouthwash is a valuable product, and many dentists recommend that you make it a part of your dental routine at home. In addition to brushing and flossing regularly, mouthwash can keep your teeth and gums free from infections and problems. It also does wonders for your breath, which everyone around you will appreciate.

Source by Mel Davey